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Lucid Dreaming Stories

Have you ever had an experience that was so intense and felt so real that you were certain that it really happened, then only later realize that it was in fact nothing more than your imagination?

We all have… It’s called dreaming

Now imagine if you were capable of going to sleep and not only being able to remember all of your dreams in complete detail, but also being able to have complete control over them.

This is Called Lucid Dreaming

When we lucid dream we become consciously aware that we are in a dream while it is still taking place. This shift in awareness allows us to look at the dream world from a whole new perspective. No longer a zombie going through the motions of an unknown world embracing whatever comes to us, but a fully awake and consciously aware individual in complete control of everything that happens and everything we experience.

We basically wake up our minds up while our body is still sleeping. This allows us to access our innermost creative state and be in complete control of this powerful state.

Most people will experience a lucid dream at least once in their lives but only 20% of the world’s Flying in Lucid Dreamspopulation are able to have them at least once a month. But with practice anyone can experience this phenomenon and have their own lucid dreaming story every single night they go to sleep.

Our goal at Lucid Dreaming Stories is to help you accomplish this.

If you are still new to this world and you want to learn more about it then you have come to the right place. We have all the information that you need to have your first experience. Visit our Lucid Dreaming Guide to learn everything that you need to know including how to remember your dreams, various levels of lucidity, the stages of sleep, and so much more.

If you are already experienced in this then make sure and share your story. We love to hear every person’s unique experiences and different stories that the dream world has to offer. We will put it up on our site and share it with the world.  You can also view other people’s stories here to learn how others have interacted and experienced this world.