Aliens Invaded My Lucid Dream!

I was at a beach resort, in some random apartments that looked like apartments that I had lived in as a child. Immediately, I know I am dreaming but I want to go along with the dream story line so I let the dream take its course. Aliens were revealed to the world and the population was split. Half of the world welcomed the aliens and the other half figured armageddon. There were groups along the beach that were letting off red balloons in a symbol of welcome to the red lights that blinked across the atmosphere (aliens) but the people who let off the balloons were actually involved in a mass suicide pact and all died.

I was trying to get ready for a party that my friend D was throwing at his mansion (which was sometimes my mansion in other dreams with my time traveling elevator and library) and I couldn’t decide between earrings and other jewelry. I had a pair of red ruby studs, gold leafs that dangled, gold branches, gold claws, arrows, geode studs, and random diamonds. My necklaces were not as varied as my earrings and in the end I chose some stupid hipster outfit and a pair of nikes. As I was getting ready though, I had about a million different notions to buy a bus ticket going anywhere but where I was. But for some reason involving one of my sisters and my mom, I had insufficient funds.

On the beach, I saw my childhood friend T! Where we sort of ended up having a purely physical affair. It was fun, we made a lot of jokes and fucked around a lot. In the meantime, I also met this girl who looked like Shelly from Hemlock Grove playing in a garden, but she was an alien. We were kinda friends. Anyway, I’m trying to get ready for this party and I’m with another one of my sisters on the couch and there was an alien on the balcony. They looked just like us, but it was a disguise. It was a man, and my sister screamed but I was paralyzed. She runs and I end up talking to the alien who was kind and very wise. I pestered him about the Doctor, but his answers were vague. Then he gave me a name of his people and wrote it out on paper for me, the symbols were interesting at the time, but I can only remember one, which meant a child of the stars and it was a square with a star in the center.

At the time, D was just like, FUCK IT, and brought the party to my apartment. So everyone was partying and it made me slightly nervous because I didn’t want anyone to start a conflict with the aliens. So the aliens leave, the party dies down, and Dallas asks me to come over. I end up trying to drive a car with the Shelley/Alien and it doesn’t work out so I call my mom and she says she’ll take me, and D is trying to pick me up because I thought I needed a ride so it was a shit show getting there. And eventually we get to my mother’s boyfriend’s house which is literally 2 doors down from D’s mansion.

So I hop over there and everyone is partying in the pool and it’s kind of a nice hoity toity pool party. D looks like half D and half Roger from American Dad, with a really pretty yellow sun bonnet/hat and a tall glass of something in his hands while he’s sitting in a pool floaty.

I’m trying to get him to come upstairs with me to my time traveling elevator and to the library but he’s being a butt. I meet and speak with a very old Asian woman who is extremely funny and awesome, so I tell her about my secret elevator and try to take her with me to see it. But as we go up the stairs and into the hallway, my elevator isn’t there, it’s just plaster. I am understandably upset.

The old woman leaves.

D comes to me very angry that I tried to show the old woman my elevator. We begin arguing and I don’t remember the exact things that were said. But before I wake up, he tells me that he’s met me three times before in my past lives and each time I’ve made the same mistake.

I lucid dream often, but I don’t understand why or what any of it means. This is probably just my imagination and filtering of thoughts/memories through my unconscious… But is something else happening? Sometimes, I dream I am in a spirit world with ugly creatures and malevolent forces that I somehow always make myself confront, through epic fights (sometimes on mountain tops and other strange dramatic locations), or by simply flying away as I know how to do while dreaming.

I feel very alone with these dreams as no one else I speak to about them understands lucid dreaming at all. Is it all scientific and simple? Or should I be afraid?

Name: Taylor
Where are you from?: Michigan
Was this your first lucid Dream?: NO
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Thousands

Drew Manley

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jusDrippin13 - December 6, 2013

u aren’t alone…ive been goin lucid for the past 2 years and its amazing…ive always been able to float in my dreams since childhood…somethings different now that im older…I can control it with practice…ive flown off the planet and into deep space with super speed…used telekenisis…teleported…dreamed as animals all kinds of things…im starting to belie its something more than us our thoughts…if u ever wana discuss it…u can call or text wenever 6184349135 I love dreams and all things weknow little about!!

David - December 8, 2014

Wow, I had doubts when I was reading because of the high contents of details that you’ve managed to remember. ButI figured you’ve had decent amount of practice.
Nice story though, I enjoyed your own belief of peaceful coexistence. I guess your nervosity or something else triggered the environment to seclude pure peace.
Greetings from Sweden

8bit - January 22, 2015

Haha im curious about ur time elevator since i have one myself

Keron Miller - February 7, 2015

I want to learn how to lucid dream, been a week now, tried the reality checks, melatonin and b6 pills, no results… I actually stopped dreaming, just a male in Jamaica with no one to talk to or share spiritual things with….

Andrew - March 23, 2015

I cannot believe that people have these too this is crazy that people embrace them and things go well. I’m always too afraid to go along with the aliens that are taking me. Probably to a whole new world. I’m afraid to go. But might try leaving my body hanging around again. Always floating around

Anonymous - September 15, 2015

I’m from Michigan to. Haha

Laurie - November 7, 2015

I recommend Robert Waggoner’s amazing books on lucid dreaming. His second book includes more ways to deal with “bad guys” in your dreams. What you’re doing so far is a great start.

nelly - November 30, 2016


Last night I had a dream I was being shown, like watching a black and white tv loads of stuff about physics and how space travel and time travel are all linked. I was also told also that we have the ability inside us to view any part of our life I tried so hard to envisage the lotto numbers to no joy.

James Sims - June 17, 2017

We all have something in common on this site, as we’re all fascinated by lucid dreams. I’ve now been lucid dreaming for about 8 years and love the information that my higher self and spirit guides have to offer.
Taylor, I find your lucid dream particularly interesting because the story line is very elaborate. I also find it cool that a man mentions past lives, in which I certainly believe.
I too tend to feel alone in my lucid dreaming quests, as few people I know have had any. So please feel free to email me at jzs0069@auburn.edu if you like to share lucid dream stories or even talk about mutual dreams, which I’ve always wanted to have.


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