A Black Cloaked Figure Scares Me Into A Lucid Dream

In the beginning of the dream, I was in what I knew to be my bedroom in the dream, but it definitely wasn’t my real room. I was being shaken awake by my mom, saying that I had to get up or we would miss our flight. I was confused, but excited. She said we were going to France and Germany (we were planning a surprise trip for my brother’s graduation to France, Germany and Belgium). Then the dream changed a little into a nightmare.

I was walking out my back door into my backyard and into the short wooded slope (we live on a hill, so it makes sense. This second part of the dream was my actual house) behind our house. It had recently snowed, but it was thin and patchy, frozen in some places. I didn’t know exactly why I was down there; I needed to pack for the trip.

I think my mom was with me, so I’m not proud of what happens at the end…but whatever it was a dream so no harm done ?

We were taking a little walk down through the slope when I see a figure walking towards us from below/ahead of us. It seemed to have emerged out of nowhere, but subtly; I didn’t notice it appearing. It was wearing a black cloak, but its hood didn’t cover its face. It seemed to be a man, just by the way it walked. It was wearing a silver mask, the kind that you would imagine a horror movie villain to be wearing.

It seemed to be like liquid on his face, but where his mouth would’ve been there were slits like on a vent. The second I saw him, I felt a cold dread chilling my bones, and it felt very real. I think this is the point where my dream became lucid, but I was too terrified to acknowledge my power. As the figure took another step towards me (at this point I forgot about my mother completely), I took off faster that I had ever ran before down the hill past him.

How smart of me.

Somehow, I made it. It would’ve been a good idea at that point to become an Olympic athlete, because I was running fast as fuck.

I burst out past the treeline, and found myself on a giant freeway with no cars. I stopped to catch my breath, and I was like “Hey I’m lucid dreaming for the first time, OMG I did it I should fly or something.” But, of course, my excitement was my downfall and I woke up briefly before falling into uninterrupted sleep.


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Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 2

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