The Craziest Lucid Dreaming Experience You Will Ever Read

First of all, lucid dreaming is normal to me.  I have several lucid dreams a week, and can have them daily.  It depends on stress, diet, and daily activities.  I am educated in lucid dreaming, dream therapy and dream control.  That being said, I was having a levitation dream, which immediately activates my lucidity.

Normally, when I enter lucidity in a dream I like to take flight, as it allows me a better view of the landscape in which the dream has placed me.  But, as was with this dream, when I become lucid during levitation I aim higher than normal.  Normally I just aim for treetops or rooftops because aiming too high will make me wake up. I have tried to leave our atmosphere, as in trying to get to the Moon, but it wakes me up immediately.  So, I know I have rules to which I must adhere or I will wake up.  However, since I became lucid in levitation already I aimed higher than treetops or roof tops.

I found myself over an ocean.  A vast ocean.  Which is great because I can see really far from this vantage point and I can really pick and choose where I’m going to take the dream.  I like to look for cityscapes (light agglomerations) when the dream is at night, but this was during the day, so I looked for landmasses or islands. I found a small island below with many sandy beaches and rock outcroppings, so I swooped down to see what I could find.  I found it was a rather boring island.

Little ponds of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and simple, boring rock formations.  No people, animals, or artifacts of any sort.  Therefore, I went back up as far as I could.  There were no clouds, so my view was profound.  Clouds are great as they offer moisture and cool sensations on my skin; which I find intoxicating during a dream.

I saw a large landmass up ahead, which turned out to be a very tall mountainous island with a very large manmade structure atop it.  I went toward the structure but was assaulted with fears of waking up, much like in the past as I tried to leave our atmosphere.  I deiced to stop my approach at look at the structure.  I instantly understood it was a prison.  A Chinese prison.

I am American, so this was odd.  Nevertheless, I understood that going there and snooping around would get me kicked out of this dreamscape; therefore I chose to go around the island.  It was a tall island, and I found myself having to go higher and higher as I tried to get around the island without waking up.  I finally made it around at the very corner of the top of the mountain island, just past the southernmost walls of the prison.  The ocean was below again and I moved fast to get the island far behind me.

Up ahead I saw another landmass, but it was continental in size.  I went for it, finding mountainous terrain or rock.  Lots and lots of rock.  I swooped down looking for something fun and found a small grouping of rock in a geometric pattern that was obviously manmade about the size of a gazebo.  As I landed just outside of it I realized it was a temple.

Instantly I understood it was a temple of Buddha.

Don’t ask me what that means, I just understood it. I’m not Buddhist and I don’t practice religion.  I walked into the temple knowing I was to meet Buddha.  I entered the temple and sat down in the center and began “yoking” in the seated position.  Don’t ask me what this means as I do not practice Yoga, but I do know what it is.

Buddha showed up walking calmly toward me, with an elderly man at his side.  He was a handsome, slender young man, in his early thirties, and he wore sharp western clothing; almost a suit, but not quite.  When He was near I was about to show him what I could do, meaning, in my mind, levitation, moving objects with my mind, and creating small objects out of thin air in my hand (things I have done in many, many other “dreams”).

Buddha immediately stopped, and spoke in my head not using words, “I cannot do this.”  He went to turn away, and when I became distraught at his retreat, I stood up and exited the temple, then started to tell him I had come a long way to “show” him what I could do.

He quickly completed his bodily turn away from me and repeated (in my mind not using words, but an understanding), “I cannot do this.”  And he was gone.  I wanted to be saddened at this, but instead I felt I should just enjoy the rest of the dream and its lucidity.  I turned away from the temple and found myself entering a rather large convenience store.  This was very interesting, but I went along with it and started looking around.  I saw a huge deli counter in the distance, but in front of me was a coffee station with many of my favorite treats.

After serving myself some coffee, which I spilled on myself, I deliberated what treat I would have.  I soon decided I was too hungry to waste my time on coffee cake or Chocodiles, and went to the deli counter, where I found several people arguing over fried chicken and how everybody wanted the breasts.  I wanted to say I would be perfectly happy having the wings or thighs, but the people arguing had their backs to me and they seemed too preoccupied with their petty squabble to serve me, so I walked away suddenly content with a piece of coffee cake.

Once in front of the coffee cake, I again felt this was too grand a time to eat junk food, so I went to a different part of the deli counter and approached a young woman who had all sorts of side dishes to offer.  I suddenly got the strong impression it was time to “yoke” again, so I turned away from the counter, sat down and began “yoking”.

I felt a strong desire to levitate, but from past experiences I have learned that “showing off” in my dreams was a sign of weakness as it is ego driven and is a form of vanity.  I stopped myself and remained in the “yoking” position.

Suddenly there was a great rumbling in the ground and a stampede of elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, and all sorts of African animals coming at me from within the confines of the convenience store.  I laughed as I enjoyed the show, as I instantly understood it was Buddha showing me what “He” could do, as it was all His imaginative creation I had been experiencing since He had turned from me and I had entered the convenience store.

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Name: Mr. Garcia
Where are you from?: USA
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Several per week, sometimes daily

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