Dream Collision

Name: Joey
Where are you from?: Connecticut
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Nope
How many lucid dreams have you had?: About 4 or so

Subject: Dream Collision?

So I was on some kind of road trip with my family on a road surrounded by a gloomy looking forest. It was raining, I think it was at least, it was a bit hard to tell since I wasn’t paying attention.

So, for any of you Minecrafters out there, you would probably know who JeromeASF is or DeadloxMC or SkyDoesMinecraft is. For those of you who aren’t Minecrafters, these people are famous YouTubers that play a game called Minecraft. (By the way, check the game out, its really fun!)

So anyways, back to the story… I was in the back of my van with my bro eating a sandwich or something, I looked away for a moment, then looked back and sitting in between us, was JeromeASF. At this point, I suddenly clicked on. I immediately realized I was dreaming, which was a pretty cool feeling. So at this point, I was rather excited, because I was next to a celebrity. I said in my dream “OMG Jerome!!! Well, I guess it doesn’t matter since its only a dream.” So I clearly knew I was in a dream. But the stranger part is, Jerome seemed to be in a dream too. He was all like “A dream? My god, I am dreaming.” Jerome and I had a long conversation which I cant exactly remember, but what I do remember is that it was so real, like his face, his voice, everything, it was like we were dreaming together.

I don’t remember how but he disappeared after that. Then I thought SkyDoesMinecraft into existence. He was boring, so then, I brought in Deadlox. His legs were actually really hairy… but I told him my YouTube channel just in case if we were actually in like some kind of shared dream. (My channel by the way is SquidSoldierGeneral) I had a bunch of other dreams after that but I couldn’t remember them, and I wasn’t aware I was dreaming in those dreams.

Drew Manley

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lulu - October 2, 2013

You’re really lucky to have experienced that!
I might be a girl, But i’m sort of a person who plays minecraft
Keep dreaming x


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