How Real Dreams Can Feel – Grass

Name: Vivien Lockyer
Where are you from?: Christchurch, New Zealand
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many over the past 20-30 years

Subject: Grass

It just amazes me how the dream world can be so real, as if it is an alternative world …. last night I realised I was present in my dream, became fully lucid and pondered what I would do this time.   The countryside around me was quite dramatic this time, not beautiful as it sometimes is. I thought I would go over to a clump of grass and see how it felt.   Well, it was green/yellow in colour and felt exactly how grass feels, smooth and slippery.   Pulled, quite hard, to extract the grass from the ‘earth’. Amazing how this happens in a dream world.   Then I lifted up for a ‘fly around’.   Feeling stressed these days so my flight wasn’t the best, didn’t soar, just floated up aways and then began to drop down, through the tree branches and ended up in about 4 inches of MUD.   Within a second or two the mud became my soft bed sheets and I was awake.   The reality of the grass was fascinating.  –  Viv

Drew Manley

Hello, my name is Drew and I am the founder of Lucid Dreaming Stories. I have been practicing lucid dreaming for over 10 years now. I can still remember my first experience awakening in my dream like it was yesterday. The excitement, thrill, and realism of dreams after this experience is unlike any other. My goal with this site is to share other's stories from around the world as well as my own. I also want to teach you how to become a lucid dreaming master. Download my free course Lucid Dreaming Self-Master to learn how you can master lucid dream within the next 7 days.

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Joe - November 7, 2013

I’m one of the lucky ones…roughly 50% of my dreams are “lucid”. It’s simply been this way all my life. I can remember dreams I had when I was three years old. I’ve taken part in several major neurology studies because of the level of activity in my frontal lobes and unfortunately there’s a downside- I’m a superb poker player, I score massively highly on facial recognition tests, I’m a great portrait artist etc…but all the activity makes me prone to nightmares. One of the most remarkable features of my dreams is the vastness of the towns my mind creates. A second facet is that even years later I can picture every street in one of the those towns. And yet I never go back to the same town in my dreams; it’s always a completely new town. But I suppose if there’s one element which I most fear it’s the rarity- the event that occurs roughly once a decade but frightens me each time…when I dream of a place I’ve never seen or heard of and then in my waking life I end up going there. I’m not interested in people’s opinions on this; I’ve been to places I dreamt about years before. I don’t tell family about it and I rarely tell friends as it can actually frighten people a lot. In 1997 I dreamt a series of events involving a car crash. I told a friend at the time that the journey we’d planned (to a universty shooting competition) needed to be called off. I was pressured into getting into the car regardless. Long story short: 17 hours later two of my best friends sat in my room crying and saying “How could you possibly have dreamed all this shit?!” Two grown men. I’d told them in the morning exactly what would happen, including the colour of the car, the place, all of it. The plus side? Well, my “lucid dreams” (I hate the term) are never absurd and never involve nonsense super powers; they’re so intensely, vividly real that days later I find myself telling a friend I was in this place recently where…and then I realise it wasn’t a real place at all. Which can be quite amusing. To end…I could post a billion stories, and several frightening premonitions but I’ll leave you with this little dream. It’s so simple and yet it’s the purest “lucid dream” I’ve ever had. I walked up the side of a grassy bank overlooking a cliff edge. I felt the sea must on my face. I smelt the sea air. As I looked over the edge I saw a hut on the pebble beach below. What happened? Nothing. I woke up with a gasp, sat on the edge of my bed, and said “Holy fuck…”. It wasn’t a dream at all…it was a real place, and I know one day I’ll see it in the flesh. It’s been twenty years now since that vision and I still haven’t found that shoreline. I’m beginning to wonder if its what I’ll see as I pass from this life to the next. I suspect it is. And now you see why it remains my most important dream.


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