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Name: Ganstaform11
Where are you from?: Seattle, Washington
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Tons

Sometimes as I am trying to fall asleep (and on occasion this can take quite a while) and my limbs are all… I guess I would compare it to sleep mode (no pun intended) for a computer. In other words they start to feel heavy but if I move any of them even a little bit (which is perfectly easy so I don’t think this is relate to sleep paralysis) it feels just like normal. I’m not sure if that feeling is connected or not but its not what I want advice on.

What I want advice on is what happens when I have been lying with my limbs in “sleep mode” for a while. What happens is all of a sudden my vision sort of “clicks” and all of a sudden I can see where before there was just darkness. Whats strange about this is that my eyes are still closed when this happens and what I see is usually not the room I fall asleep in (and when it is the room I sleep in there is nearly always some blaring difference to reality. Oh and its always in black and white just as though I was in a dark place. (The color receptors in our eyes turn off in the dark) I suppose this would actually be interesting but I can’t move at all.

I guess its more accurate to say that I shouldn’t move because if I do my limbs come out of sleep mode and whatever it is disappears and I’m back to the usual back of the eyelid experience. I have no idea what this is and would seriously like to have some info on what it might be. Also I wouldn’t mind some info on how to actually do stuff other than just looking around without waking myself up. Again any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lucid Dreaming Stories: I believe you are entering the hypnagogic state from staying relaxed and not moving for so long. What you are actually seeing when you enter that state is the astral. As you said, your eyes are closed and so you are not looking at things with your physical eyes but your astral eyes. It’s the beginning stages of Astral Projection and with practice you can separate your consciousness from your physical body to another perspective. Hope this helps if you want more information then look up astral projection or stay tuned as I will be writing about it here very soon.

Drew Manley

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