Life Message to Be Thankful

Name: Steve Mulvey
Where are you from?: Poole Dorset
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: One

After trying the exercises recommended by the OOBE manual I had downloaded, for many afternoons I finally did it. I had cycled through the exercises and as usual nodded off. But I remember half waking and feeling very very comfortable.. like what I was laying on was just the softest thing ever. Then I’m in what appears to be a light brown mist and it’s laborious to get through and I become frustrated.

Then I’m in a car and the inside of the panels are dark. I look out the side window and I see countryside going by but it’s a grainy super8 movie? I look to the front and it’s the same.. that’s where I realized I had chose to look out front and was therefore in control of my actions? I decide to be in my kitchen.. and instantly I am? I looked at the ceiling fan but it was now just a pendant bulb? I pointed towards it and I feel I am floating up to it.

As I approach it it lights dimly and gains brightness as I get nearer. I then remember.. you should look in a mirror, that’s supposed to be a good thing to do. So I think of my bathroom and instantly I’m in the doorway of it. I peer warily around the door frame to look in my mirror and I see a stocky man in a pastel blue shirt.. but only from the neck down. I notice my mirror is the one I had before the one I have now?

Then in deep tones I hear.. You were supposed to die at 18!!  I responded.. But I’m 47? and the reply back to me was.. Yes, you Can change your destiny!

I looked down and noticed a piece of unnecessary wood on a hinge on the door frame? I looked back at the mirror and there was a skull with flames across the forehead and coming out the right temple (right, if it was a reflection of My skull) after this I kind of lost intention to go anywhere else or be there, and woke up.

I was so elated. I’d done it. It’s without doubt the most amazing experience of my life. I continue occasionally to do it again.

Drew Manley

Hello, my name is Drew and I am the founder of Lucid Dreaming Stories. I have been practicing lucid dreaming for over 10 years now. I can still remember my first experience awakening in my dream like it was yesterday. The excitement, thrill, and realism of dreams after this experience is unlike any other. My goal with this site is to share other's stories from around the world as well as my own. I also want to teach you how to become a lucid dreaming master. Download my free course Lucid Dreaming Self-Master to learn how you can master lucid dream within the next 7 days.

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