Controling Your Dreams

Now just because you become lucid in your dream does not mean that you are going to be able to control your dreams when your first start out. It takes a lot of practice and getting used to being conscious in the dream world. Even though you know your in a dream it still feels very real and your mind has trouble excepting the fact that anything is possible. You will be able to interact in your dream just like you do in waking life but when you attempt to do something that the conscious mind does not believe is possible there are conflicting actions. In order to prevent this from happening I have some helpful tips that you can implement in your dream so that you can gain full control.

How to Fly in Your DreamsControlling Lucid Dreams

Sometimes flying in your dreams once you become conscious is not a problem and sometimes you can’t get off the ground higher than you can jump in waking reality. When I first started lucid dreaming flying was my favorite thing to do and every few lucid dreams I had I would not be able to get off the ground and it would make me frustrated and cause me to lose my lucidity. It is also hard to control your flying once you are in the air so I figured out some techniques that work great if you find yourself in these situations.

Instead of trying to just jump in the air and start flying around like Peter Pan imagine that you have an aid helping you fly. This will help your mind to accept it and believe that it is possible and also help you to control your flying with much more ease. You can imagine that you have a jet pack attached to your back or that you have wings on your back. Any device or object will do as long as your mind knows that it will allow you to get off the ground and fly.

How to Change the Dream Scenery

I tried this one for so long before I was actually successful at doing it. I would not recommend attempting this one until you become more experienced at lucid dreaming due to the fact that it takes a lot of focus and can cause a lot of confusion. When you first start attempting to change the scenery of your dreams you should stick to places that you are very familiar with first. This will make it much easier and won’t require as much effort as imagining a place you have never been to or seen before.

It is almost impossible to change the dream right in front of your eyes unless you are a very advanced lucid dreamer and even then it can be challenging. It is much easier if you transition the scene of the dream to a new scene the same way you do in waking reality. Look for a door in your dreams. This should be easy if you are around buildings or if you are inside but if you are in the middle of nowhere then you can just imagine that there is a door behind you and turn around and that will usually work. Once you see the door imagine that on the other side of it is the exact place that you want to be in your dream and open it up and go into the next scene.

Using the door is the easiest way to change your dream to another dream but if that doesn’t work or you are ready for a bigger challenge then you can try these techniques but you have to be careful because these can cause confusion and make you lose lucidity very easily.

Controling the Scenery in Dreams

The next technique is to imagine that the scenery you want to be in is right behind you. Just keep thinking about it and imagining it and once you turn around you will be in the new dream. This technique is the easiest of them all but it is also the least effective. One that works very well but is very challenging is to imagine the new dream that you want to be in and close your eyes and spin around. As you are spinning just keep imagining that when you open your eyes you will be at the exact place you want to be. This technique will always change the scenery but it takes some practice before you can get the exact scenery you were hoping for every time. Be careful though because this also causes a lot of false awakenings.

My personal favorite which has taken me awhile to master is teleporting. Teleporting to any place or any dream scene takes a lot of practice but once you learn how to do it the benefits and excitement of it are huge. Before trying this you should have mastered the other techniques first, this will make it much easier to accomplish. When you are first learning how to do it you should stick to teleporting around in the dream scene you are already in. Look ahead of you like 10 feet and try and make yourself teleport to that location. Is what you have to do is close your eyes and then imagine yourself disappearing and reappearing where you want to be at. It will be hard at accomplish at first but if you keep practicing you will eventually get it.

Explore Your Subconscious

Whenever you are dreaming you are exploring your own subconscious but when you do it consciously it is a completely different story. The first thing you should do is write down questions that you want to ask yourself. It can be important questions like, “do you think I should marry this person?” Or it can be much more extravagant questions like, “What is your thoughts on God?” You can go to any person in your dream and you can ask them those questions and you will be amazed at what you will hear coming from your very own subconscious.

Another thing that you can do is start searching online and finding out what your dream means and what different symbols mean in your dream. Once you start learning how to interpretate your own dreams you can then do it while you are lucid dreaming and you will understand what your dream is trying to tell you and show you while you are experiencing it.

How to Time Travel

Time Travel in DreamsIn the dream world you can visit the prehistoric world of dinosaurs or you can go 2,000 years into the future. These techniques below will allow you to accomplish this with ease and are very easy to do.

The first thing that you can do is imagine that you have a time machine. Go into the time machine and imagine that you are pushing all the buttons necessary to take you to the time you want to go. Once your done keep imagining the time you want to be in and when you step out of that machine you will be in a whole new world. Another thing that you can do is fly really high and go through the clouds and imagine that you went through some worm hole and when you come back down you will be in the exact time period you want to be in.

Remember that when you are in the dream world the only thing that limits you from doing anything is your mind. When you start having more lucid dreams and your mind starts getting used to that world and what is possible in it, it will become much easier to control your dreams. So don’t get frustrated if you have had your first few lucid dreams and you were not able to control anything. Keep practicing and working at it and you will be surprised how fast you will start to gain complete control over everything that happens.