How to Remember Your Dreams

Learning how to remember your dreams is an acquired skill that any one can master. You may think that you don’t have dreams, or that you dream very little, but the truth is that every person has an average of four dreams each night. With enough practice and patience, you can work your way up to remembering every single dream you had the night before. If you want to lucid dream then this is the most crucial thing that you can do.

Dreams and Memory

Start A Dream Journal

The first step to remembering your dreams is to start a dream journal. This may seem silly or impractical, and you may think that it’s not that important, but if you are serious about remembering your dreams then this is a must. When you start writing down your dreams this tells your subconscious that your dreams are important to you and that you want to remember them.

It is important to write in your dream journal right after you wake up. If you wait too long you will forget most the dream and possibly forget the whole thing altogether. The key is to write down as much detail about the dream that you can remember. Describe the scenery, the people, objects you encounter, any symbols and signs, the emotions that you were feeling, and everything else you experienced.

In order for you to write anything down in your dream journal you have to be able to recall your dream first. There is a fine line between remembering your most vivid and wild dream that you will ever experience, or completely forgetting the dream forever. The memory of our dreams is not stored in the same place as our waking life experiences, and in order for us to remember our dreams long enough to write them down or implant the memory of them in our brain, we have to do a few things first.

Set Your Intention The Night Before

The intention of remembering your dreams is very powerful. When you first start learning how to remember your dreams you want to make sure and set your intention each night. When you lie down to go to bed keep telling yourself, ‘I will remember my dreams when I wake up” over and over and believe what you say with all of your heart. Once your mind realizes how important your dreams are and you start to remember them every morning, this will no longer be necessary because you will have already trained your mind to do this.

When you first wake up you have a very small amount of time to remember your dreams before they are forgotten. If you are awake for 5 minutes before you remember any of your dreams, then 50 percent of your dream will be forgotten. If you are awake for 10 minutes before you remember any of your dreams, then 80 to 90 percent of your dreams will be forgotten. This is why it’s so important that you remember your dreams right when you wake up. This will allow you to remember much more details and make the dream seem much more real and vivid.

How to Remember Your Dreams

Keep A Notepad And Pen Next To Where You Sleep

This is not to be confused with your dream journal but a scrap paper to write down the most crucial and important parts of your dreams. If you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and you remember a dream you were having then make sure and write something down that will help you remember it. No matter how vivid and real the dream was it can still easily be forgotten, so don’t assume that your going to remember it in 10 minutes. Just write a few key points down so you won’t forget and then later translate these notes into your dream journal.

Stay Focused Right When You Wake Up

When you first wake up try not to think about anything at all. Don’t make any movements and just lie there still and thoughtless. Try to think back at what you just experienced and what your dreams were but don’t think to hard. Let it come to you on its own and don’t force it. As you are lying there swimming in your thoughts you will have glimpses of memory that will flash in your mind. As soon as you get these images you will remember parts of your dream. Once you catch that small glimpse of your dream do not let it go. Try to think about how that dream started and everything you experienced in it. Do not stop thinking about that dream for anything. Take your notepad and write down whatever you can remember. Once you keep focusing on it and you think you have remembered as much details as you possibly can you can then go on to writing it in your dream journal.

Keep Practicing

When you first start attempting this it will be difficult to achieve, but after a few weeks of doing this your dreams will come to you easier and easier. With enough practice you will be so good at remembering your dreams that it will take no effort at all and when you wake up you will instantly remember all of your dreams.