Levels of Lucidity

There are many different levels of lucidity in a dream. Just because you became aware does not mean that you are going to be able to have complete control over your dream. Once you understand the different levels of lucidity and the way dreams work, you can then practice to reach the higher levels and stay lucid longer. At first it might be very hard to reach those levels but after the first few times of becoming lucid and practicing, it’ll be no problem.

A Non Lucid DreamLevels of Lucidity

This is the regular level of unconscious dreams. This is the level that most of our dreams are at. Some people never have dreams that are above this level in their entire lives. This level is proof that we live our waking lives like robots just allowing our subconscious to take over with no self awareness in the waking world.

A Semi Lucid Dream

This is the lowest level of lucidity. A person acknowledges and realizes the fact that they are in an irrational world so they must be dreaming. This is the breaking point where a person starts off lucid dreaming and either wakes up becoming conscious and advancing to the higher levels of lucidity or they still remain in a zombie state having no control over the dream but in a low level of awareness, still believing what they are experiencing is semi real.

Limited Lucid Dream

When you first start to have lucid dreams you awaken your conscious mind in a world that it has never been in or seen. You feel alienated and even though you know that you are in a dream, your conscious mind has trouble accepting it. When you are at this level you may feel like you are fully lucid, aware of everything and have complete control of your dream, your mind just won’t allow anything to happen that doesn’t happen in waking reality.

You might try to do things like fly or change the scenery of the dream but nothing seems to happens. Your conscious mind seems to have trouble accepting that it is possible even in a dream. To overcome this it is helpful to learn how to control your lucid dreams. Once your learn how to control your dreams it will be very easy to move on to the next level of lucidity.

Fully Lucid Dream

This level takes some practice to be reached. At this level you understand that everything that your experiencing is only in your head and you know that you have complete control over the dream. In order to reach this level you must master and know how to stay lucid and gain more conscious awareness in your dream.

Complete lucidity


Complete Lucidity

Complete Lucidity is like the end of the Matrix where Neo realizes that he is the one and he has complete control over everything inside of the world he is in. Instead of adjusting himself to the laws inside of the matrix, the matrix bends to his very will. This is what complete lucidity is like. Instead of dodging the bullets inside of the dream, you can just stop the bullets.

This level of lucidity can only be reached by advanced lucid dreamers with a lot of practice and dedication. I have only reached this level a few times in my entire life. At this level your dream is no different then you sitting at your computer looking around your room right now except that any thought you want manifests into reality.