15 Reasons to Have Lucid Dreams

Most people look at lucid dreaming as nothing more than being in a world where you can have some fun and try new things you’ve never experienced in waking life. The truth is that there are so many more benefits and reasons why you should learn to control your dreams. Every person has their own reasons for learning how to do it, but most don’t realize the true power and potential that learning this skill can possess.

Reasons to have lucid dreams

Here is a list of some reasons why you should have lucid dreams:

1. Adventure and Excitement

Imagine being in a world where anything is possible and whatever you want to experience is limited only by your imagination. This is what it’s like being inside of the dream world. Adventure and excitement is of course the most obvious and common reason why people want to have lucid dreams.

2. Stopping Nightmares

There are some people out there that dread having dreams and going to sleep. They are continuously haunted by their very own subconscious. Well there is no better cure for this than having lucid dreams. When you’re in those situations getting chased by demons, falling to your death, and terrified for your life, if you realized you are in a dream then you would know you have nothing to fear at all. You would be able to change the dream from a horrifying nightmare to an extravagant and life changing experience.

If you experience nightmares on an occurring basis then you have the biggest advantage to learning how to have lucid dreams. When you’re put into intense situations with a lot of emotions – in this case fear – then usually you become more consciously aware and alert in your dream. So when you start learning and implementing the techniques, it will become much easier to lucid dream when you have another nightmare.

3. Spiritual and Personal Growth

Lucid dreaming allows us to look into ourselves at the deepest levels. It is the greatest tool for self discover and self reflection. Using lucid dreams to discover what we need to work on and what parts of our lives need help, we can grow and excel much faster.

4. Improving Creativity

When we are sleeping we can come up with some of our most amazing and creative ideas. If you are an artist, writer, musician, or you just want to become more creative, then lucid dreaming is one of the best tools that you can use. You will be surprised just how much you can imagine and create when you are dreaming.

Improving Creativity with Lucid Dreams

5. Problem Solving

A lot of problems that you have in waking life can easily be solved with lucid dreaming. All problems with your relationships, work, school, home and life can all be solved depending on how you handle them. Use your dreams to gain insight and answers to these problems.

6. Facing Your Fears

When you realize that you are dreaming you know that there is nothing to fear because none of it is real. This can help you to face your biggest waking reality fears. Once you face these fears in the dream world and already experience them, then it is much easier to confront them once you’re awake.

7. Improving Confidence

If you are self confident then lucid dreaming can be your answer to gaining more confidence – whether it is meeting new people, public speaking, trying new things, or just a lack of confidence in oneself. By replaying these situations in our dreams over and over and practicing, we are able to later face them with full confidence.

8. Psychological and Physical Healing

It has been scientifically proven that whatever you think about has an affect on your body. When you are having a lucid dream you can physically or psychologically heal your body and mind. It allows you to become in direct contact of your subconscious and inner thoughts allowing you to shift your body’s entire focus to healing a certain part of it.

9. Raising Your Level of Consciousness

Lucid dreaming has so many benefits that improve and help you through life that having them raises your level of consciousness. Once you realize what consciousness is and it starts to become important to you, you will want to start practicing and having a lot more lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming helps you to become more aware in waking life and it gives you more control over your subconscious. If you use dreams as a tool for life to grow and evolve, then your consciousness will automatically rise to higher levels.

10. Improving and Practicing Skills

When you are lucid dreaming it is a great time for you to practice and improve any skill that you want to work on. Maybe you want to improve on playing the guitar or become a better basketball player. No matter what it is, it can be practiced in a lucid dream.

There are some martial arts trainings that actually use lucid dreams to improve their skills. There has also been surgeons that use lucid dreams to become better at surgery. The benefits of practicing and perfecting techniques and skills in a lucid dream are tremendous.

11. Removing LimitationsPushing Your Limits from Lucid Dreaming

When you start to lucid dream you will realize that even though you know you are dreaming, you’re conscious mind won’t allow you to do certain things because it still thinks that they are impossible. Lucid dreaming will help you remove those limitations that have been holding you back your entire life. Ever since we were all babies we have been indoctrinated with lies telling us that we can’t do certain things. This is what holds a lot of people back from accomplishing all of their dreams and realizing that they can achieve anything they want to if they put their mind to it. If we all accomplished what we were actually capable of we would amaze ourselves.

Ask yourself right now if you think that you can become a world known photographer, race car driver, doctor, musician, singer, actress/actor, or athlete; If you think that you can go back to school, quit the job you hate, make more money than you have ever imagined, or just live a happy life. If you think that you can’t accomplish any of these then you have limitations, false beliefs, and fear holding you back.

12. Dreamscaping

Dreamsaping – or collective dreaming – is when two or more people share the exact same dream together. It’s not the same thing as two people having the same type of dream, but two people actually in the exact same dream experiencing it together.

Now of course there is a lot of skepticism about this because of its nature. This is only because the scientific view of dreams and how they look at them as nothing more than an epiphenomenon of the mental activity that occurs during REM sleep. But even science states that they know very little about why we dream or what the purpose of them is.

All of our dreams are part of the same collective consciousness and with enough practice and work you can tap into it and do the unthinkable.

13. Progressing the Law of Attraction

The most effective tool in the law of attraction is visualization. You need to be able to imagine that you already have in your life what you want to attract. When you are lucid dreaming, you can experience for yourself exactly what you want in waking life. By actually experiencing it instead of just imagining it, you are putting much more energy into the law of attraction and therefore the return of it will be much quicker and powerful.

Lucid Dreaming and Law of Attraction

14. Astral Projection

In order for you to astral project you must allow your conscious mind to completely separate from your physical body. The only way that this can happen is when your body falls asleep but your mind is still awake. Astral projection – or out of body experience – is much easier to preform when you are experienced in lucid dreaming. It trains the same area of your mind to remember your experiences (dream recall), stay consciously asleep while your body is awake, and keep your mind calm while you are having out-of-this-world experiences.

15. One of The Greatest Things You Will Ever Experience

Learn it for yourself and see just how amazing it can be!