Real Life Affects Lucid Dream

Name: Anonymous
Where are you from?: Planet Earth, Coordinate (37, 68) of the Milky Way Galaxy
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 3 or 2 a week

Subject: Real-Life Affects Lucid Dream

This is one of the more peculiar dreams of mine; I have never had a dream above limited lucidity. When I want something to happen, it doesn’t, but if something clicks at the back of my mind, my imagination swirls and it happens. I don’t know why I get lucid dreams as I am not very self conscious most the time. I did not intend to get the dreams. I just get them without trying, so I guess I’m pretty lucky.

The dream started out semi-lucid right off the bat. It was the middle of the day, and I was in my school, fifth period social studies. I realized something peculiar was happening. (I didn’t intend to have a lucid dream)For instance, the room was a lot more colorless, odorless, and featureless. The fish tank was missing, as well as all the posters on the wall and projects. That was when I realized I was in a dream, and suddenly I was back at my house at night. I must’ve been reading too much of those WWII books recently, because there were uniformed men at our door.

Suddenly, my senses improved and I heard a voice, “Report immediately or we will be force to comply with orders.” By now, I was fully aware of my sleepiness, cool air, and fabrics of my sheets. This was my first lucid dream in which a real threat has been displayed, so instead of doing what I would do in an unconscious dream, like just stumbling along into captivity, I did what I would do in real life. I made a run for it, smashing through the living room window and sprinting across the streets, which was heaving and cracking and the clouds were red. But like I said, even in a lucid dream, my mind won’t allow things that don’t make sense in real life, or at least things in my control.

I stopped to catch my breath and fell onto the garden floor next to our local library. The garden was less realistic, without any bugs, or imperfections in the plants design. The soil felt moist and I actually fell into another sleep. This one was of waking up into my room, muttering something and feeling relived that it was over. But of course I was wrong. I lie down in my bed, falling asleep again. (In case you haven’t noticed, I fall through many layers during my dreams, since in real life I’m always tired.)

Now I was in a meadow. I don’t remember what happened here, but it was the place where I realized I had fallen too far. A huge screeching sound happened and I woke up in my ‘room’ again. There was a slimy red slug on my forehead, and soon it formed many others which began sliding down my neck. I must’ve lost some consciousness, since I started walking around. I remember stumbling outside, and hearing another screeching sound that brought me back to reality. I willed myself to wake up, and it worked like it usually does. Now I was back in the mound of soil. From here, I lost a lot of consciousness, being shipped into a dome, seeing some nasty human dissections, and being lead down to a building.

Then I fell into blackness for a period of time I don’t remember until hearing a strum, but at that point I didn’t know it was my own alarm, just something in my dream. In the room I was a again, the sound of my alarm fading away, when I became fully lucid and aware of the red emergency button that I was imagining from a alien invasion movie at the back of my head. I leaned over and pressed it, like the main character Chris had done, and the room spun into chaos with people running all over the place. I think I saw some familiar faces, but then I woke up. That’s when I understood the screeching sounds of my door, the alarm, and the wet beads of sweat that had trickled down my neck…I hate it when things in real life affect the dream world. Two things that would make the dreams better:

1: Nothing from real life interfering with deeper layers of dreaming
2: Being able to control things…complete lucidity


My First Lucid Dream Ever

Name: Lizzie
Where are you from?: Illinois
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes!
How many lucid dreams have you had?: I think only one

Subject: My first ever lucid dream story, enjoy 🙂

I stood alone out in the open. My bare feet were exposed in the damp green grass, while the sun rained down and warmed my sun kissed skin. The light, crisp wind threw my honey colored hair behind my head, making it dance this way and that. I opened my eyes, and before me there was a meadow as far as I could see. Tall green grass was growing and an abundance of flowers of every color. And yet, far off in the distance, I could see a tree line filled with evergreen and apple trees. This was the place I have always dreamed of. It was the place I imagined when I was sad, upset, scared, or week. It was my dream home. I ran toward the flowers, tears of joy running town my cheeks. The wind tussled my white sun dress this way and that, making me for some reason feel more invigorated than ever. Once I got to the flowers, I collapsed on the ground. I just laid there and looked up at the clear blue sky. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my skin while the flowers caressed me in their arms. I felt safe. I felt as if I were in the place I was meant to be. I let my fingers explore the flowers and grass, feeling every leaf and every fold of the earth. Touching every petal and every stem. It was as if they
were actually there.

Suddenly, the sun was gone. I got cold and there was no light shining down at me. I opened my eyes, a little concerned as to what was going on. But then, I knew why there was no sun. Josh was standing before me, with his hand extended out, blocking the sun with every inch of his perfect self. I grabbed his hand with my own and he lifted me up, smiling his beautiful, flawless smile. We stood there, holding each others hands and looking right into each others eyes. I smiled, so happy that I was privileged enough to have him with me. He smiled back, and we both closed our eyes and started kissing. It was amazing, and so exhilarating. I almost thought I would wake up from all the excitement, but I stayed calm.

We stopped kissing after a certain amount of time and just held each other. I felt his heart thumping against my chest, and it calmed me. I ran my hands up and down his back, until I got up to his hair. I ran my fingers through his brown curls, trying to remember every pattern and every swirl. I looked off into the distance, knowing that this world had so much more to offer. I got so excited about what all of my new dreams will hold, and that’s when I woke up.

But hey, I thought it was a perfect ending… And a perfect dream too 🙂

Alien Invasion Dream

Name: Kenneth
Where are you from?: Malaysia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: about five over the past year

Subject: Alien invasion dream

Well, it started out as a normal dream, me walking out of my front gate, looking down the street at sunset, when suddenly I realized there were two aliens (I find it hard to remember exact details now, but they were gray, rather like those aliens you see in 50s horror movies, with big heads and I don’t know how many arms.) Seeing me, they fired on me with some plasma bolt gun contraption (like a laser tag gun if you’ve ever used one.)

I ran back into my house, where I had several friends over. They all asked me what the matter was and I told them. Strangely enough they all believed it, and this was my first cue that I was dreaming, because it didn’t make logical sense. I started to plan this ambush on the aliens with my friends – night had fallen – and it worked a treat. We hid behind the door and as soon as the aliens busted through we physically grabbed them and choked them to death. But then suddenly a third alien appeared and someone pulled out a gun and blasted the head off. Wait, what?

That was my second cue, as guns are not all that prevalent where I come from, much less with kids younger then me and teenagers! So I began to wonder exactly what the hell was going on. I could have lost it here, woken up at this point. But instead I began to wonder, if I went back up the stairs (which has a good view of the main gate) would I find a crate of weapons waiting for me? Sure enough, when I went upstairs, I did find laser guns and normal ones, enough for all of us (5 people) to fight them off. I grabbed ’em all and ran back downstairs, shouting something to the effect of ‘Wolverines!’. We laid in wait, knowing that the three that had just came was just a scout party and the rest would soon follow.

But then suddenly it dawned on me to try and create some more weapons, right in front of my eye, like spawning guns in video games. So I stared at a blank patch of floor, willing a rail gun to appear. It worked! It was then I also had the realization: I’m dreaming! Equally certain was the idea I could control it. Again, I could have lost it here, but somehow I stayed lucid.

Then when they came, we waited for them to fill up my porch with their nasty grey heads sticking out, then came out firing. Our bolts hit so many it was hard to count, but they kept coming. Throughout this I was conscious that if I did get hit, I would die and the dream would end. (I later learned that this was a rule imposed by my subconscious and I could have willed it away if I wanted to.) So I didn’t get hit, and when someone shot at me, it always seemed to me that my superhuman reflexes dodged the bolt, or else someone came to my rescue. I had a lot of fun rushing back upstairs, then just as the aliens broke through the front door, running down, all guns blazing, stopping the invasion. I imagine I could hit them from anywhere, and it really was the case that if I could see ’em, I could hit ’em.

Through the wee hours of the night, this continued, red bolts lighting up the sky until dawn. I didn’t know how this ended, but it was semi-voluntary, something like, OK this dream was fun, but I want to wake up now. So I simply willed that there be no more aliens to come, and shot the remaining aliens, then commiserated with my friends, and woke up.

I’ve had several others since then – flying was really fun – but that first lucid dream is always something I’ll remember.

Swimming, Game Show, SpiderMan – First Time Lucid Dream Stories

Name: Bob
Where are you from?: Texas
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not sure

Subject: Swimming

I was swimming in either a lake or an ocean or not sure but I had been under water for an abnormally amount of time. Knowing that humans can’t breathe underwater, I realized that I was dreaming. So I kept fucking around in the ocean just swimming and stuff but then an alligator bit my leg. He was dragging me down to the ocean floor but I gave myself super strength and ripped his head right of his body. Then I woke up.

Name: Tommy
Where are you from?: New York City
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: around 2 dozen

Subject: My mind blew

The very first time I had a lucid dream I was about 10 years old it started with me walking down a street in my neighborhood at night where I never hung out. I asked myself how I got there and noticed that there were no parked cars anywhere. I realized I was sleeping and walked into the street, my left arm lifted on its own instinct and a web flew out of my veins. In an instant I was spider man but it was really hard to web sling so I kept hitting into the buildings. About a minute of zipping from building to building I woke up.

Name: Dakota
Where are you from?: Oklahoma
Was this your first lucid Dream?: yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: one

Subject: Anime Game Show

Okay, first let me tell you that this wasn’t like any lucid dream I have seen on the Internet. I wasn’t in the dream, but I had control of all the characters in the dream. The Characters were all anime and in a game show in the middle of the woods. I was controlling all characters to do all sorts of weird things in the game show. The dream ended with a weird avatar sex scene. I guess that is all.

The Bike Riding Samuri Bear

Name: Matt K.
Where are you from?: USA
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No.
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Indeterminate amount.

Subject: Bike Riding Samurai Bear

I have been trying to achieve consistent lucidity for a while now and this is one of the better dreams in my journal. It began when I was at a cabin in the woods, with a long, curvy driveway. I realized I had superhuman powers in the beginning of the dream (such as telekinesis and super speed). All of a sudden, a ninja and a bear riding a bike and wielding a freaking samurai sword come out of no where and started chasing me down the driveway. I run with super speed all the while ducking under sword swings from the bear and the ninja.

After running down the driveway, I reach another building. I go in and escape the bear and ninja. My buddy Gerg was in the building, which turned out to be a bar, and was sitting at a table. After conversing with the dream version of my friend, I exited through the double doors in the front of the building, only to be greeted by Mad Max-esque bandits with catapult throwing crushed up cars. They began to fire the cars at me, but I caught them with my mind and threw them back at the bandits. They exploded on contact, and after throwing cars with my mind, I realized I was truly dreaming. I then jumped into the sky and started flying (my favorite lucid activity). Unfortunately I woke up soon after.