This is Just a Dream

I’ve been having a lot of really short lucid dreams lately that don’t last for more than few moments. Last night was an interesting dream where I became lucid, but once again it didn’t last very long.

I was at an airshow watching an airplane fly by. I’ve been wanting to get into a flying sport and possibly get my airplane license so I have been looking it up a lot lately. This is probably why I was having this dream. Anyways, there was an airplane flying in the air doing all kinds of tricks and spins. I remember watching it thinking how cool it was.

After watching it for a few moments, I realized that my hand was holding on to a rope that was connected to the airplane. As I was holding it, it felt as if I was in control of the airplane spinning. I became afraid that the pilot was going to crash and die because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Right then a voice in my head said, “It doesn’t matter, this is just a dream.” I was like alright I am in a dream right now and I became lucid. I was thinking about flying up in the air and being next to the airplane but I just decided I wanted to stay on the ground. I turned around and was going to start talking to people at the airshow (When I become lucid I love talking to my own subconscious and seeing what it has to say). There was a bunch of people walking by and then I seen this girl just standing there all alone.

As soon as I walked up to her the dream changed and I drifted off into unconsciousness losing my lucid dream.

Although I didn’t get to enjoy it very long or do much, I still know that I am progressing as a lucid dreamer. My own subconscious is starting to tell me when I am dreaming. This makes having a lucid dream much easier as I no longer have to work near as hard to recognize when I am in dream.

– Judy Gordon

– 5 + Lucid Dreams

– Canada, B.C.

Two Lucid Dreams In One Night

Last night I had a lot of fun. I had two lucid dreams at different times throughout the night. Even though I did the same thing in both of them it was still lots of fun to experience. I haven’t had a lucid dream in a long time so it was a good reminder just how real and confusing the dream world can be. Is what’s interesting is I had nothing click or tell me I was dreaming. I just automatically knew somehow which never happens.

I can’t remember how the first one started. The first thing that I remember was I was standing outside of my street in my front yard. I was looking around at everything thinking how cool it was that I was in a dream. The streets, cars, trees, and everything around me looked so surreal. It also all had a bubble effect like I was looking through a fish eye lens or something.

I thought about what I wanted to do, and I decided to go explore in my neighbors house. I was thinking that it would be hard to stay lucid if I changed the dream scenery but I wanted to explore something else. I run up to the house and the door was open. Everyone was inside the house smoking cigarettes (Even though no one smokes in that house).

At first I was questioning if I was really in a dream and should do this. Then I thought ah what the hell, what’s the worst that could happen. As I started exploring around I found a girl in one of the bedrooms. Right when I went up to her I started kissing her and fooling around. Before I knew it we were having sex with each other.

Pretty sure this excitement is what lost my lucidity. Right after we started fooling around I don’t know where my dream ventured off to but I had a false awakening and thought that I woke up. The dream continued on with some random things and me no longer lucid.

I can remember having some crazy dreams about shooting people and getting in fights in between my next lucid dream but nothing really important.

I had woken up to my alarm a few times and then finally I just shut it off as I had went to bed late and had nowhere to be. I was at the verge of waking up again and having a dream. I remember feeling my body and just kept my eyes close so that I could keep the dream going. Sure enough I had fallen back asleep and I continued on in a new dream. I believe this is called something like Wake Back to Bed Method or something like that.

Once again I was laying in bed, which made me confused if I was actually awake but I kept thinking this couldn’t be real because I don’t know how I got here. There was a girl on top of me and at first she was just a dark shadow, then slowly I could see all of her. I didn’t recognize her but she was extremely beautiful.

We started fooling around and having sex and I remember for some reason I kept telling her I loved her. She kept looking back at me just saying she can’t. Then right after this I woke up.

Nothing too exciting but just experiencing these dreams is so awesome. I remember while I was having these dreams thinking if there is someone else sharing the same dream with me. That would be really cool too if we could learn how to share dreams.

– Kyle Wes

– 10+ Lucid Dreams

– Southern California

Sleeping in Your Dreams

I can’t remember how the dream started out but the first thing that I remember was my friend kept asking me to go to a hockey game. I remember being extremely tired and told him that I didn’t think I could make it but he kept insisting. I finally decided to say yes and so we jumped in the car and we were on our way.

I remember the story of my dream continued on but I kept coming in and out of consciousness. I was so tired in my dream that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was impossible to see anything and I kept stumbling and falling asleep. Every time I opened my I eyes the scenery had completely changed but the story of us going to the hockey game stayed the same.

We entered into a store to buy supplies and snacks and I thought that I should buy some coffee to try and wake up but before I knew it I fell asleep in my dream again. This time when I had woken up we were back at my house and I was asking my friend what happen. I never got an answer but I seemed to of had a feeling that we never made it to the hockey game.

He started talking how he found a hotel and some more tickets online and so once again we started on our journey to the game and I still could not keep my eyes open. I started questioning why I was so tired and couldn’t come up with any reason why I kept falling asleep. Right then my friend came out from the store and handed me an energy drink.

It was funny how the power of belief in an object completely changed the entire perspective of my dream. I had one sip of the energy drink and instantly everything became extremely clear. I was wide awake and the dream felt very surreal. This realness got my conscious mind to start thinking and I instantly realized that I am still asleep I am just in a dream.

This was probably the fifth time that I experienced a lucid dream and so I am still a beginner. I instantly knew that I wanted fly because I had still never got to experience it before. I looked up into the air and tried to jump but I didn’t go anywhere. I kept jumping but it felt like gravity was just holding me down. I knew this wasn’t possible as I was in a dream but for some reason my mind would not except that it was possible.

After a few moments I decided to close my eyes and just feel myself getting lighter as this was a tip I had previously read on a website. I could feel myself finally lifting up and when I opened my eyes again I saw that I was about 15 feet from the ground. I tried to go higher but my body just slowly went back down to the ground.

I tried this multiple times with no success. I became frustrated and decided that I wanted to try something else. I looked around me and I saw a beautiful girl walking by. I instantly ran up to her and without saying anything I started to kiss her. At first it was easy but then I started thinking that if I was wrong about this all being a dream then I would be making a fool of myself. So I decided to stop.

As of this point I wasn’t very happy with the scenery of my dream. It looked very dull and boring. I decided that I wanted to change it and so I closed my eyes and started to visualize that I was at the beach. I came close to making it to the beach but now I was in the middle of the ocean. I started swimming around really fast and was able to dive in and out of the water almost like a very fast dolphin.

It felt like I was flying but I was never able to lift higher into the air, only lift off on the surface of the ocean. Then I decided to dive as deep as I possibly could. I swam down to the bottom of the ocean and when I got there I could see a huge whale. It was crazy how real and vivid this creature looked.

I swam over to it and wanted to pet it but as soon as I reached the whale I had woke up and my lucid dream had ended.

– Antoine Viola
– 5 Lucid Dreams
-Arizona, US


Chaos in the Dream World

I have had probably close to 30 lucid dreams in my life but it’s been years since the last time I experienced one. That’s why I was surprised when this one just happened on it’s own. I believe it was because there was so much emotions that went into this dream from all the chaos that it caused me to become lucid. A lot of confusion and frustration allowed me to realize that non of it was real.

The dream started out in my bedroom. My sister had entered into the house and in my dream I knew that it was like 2 o’clock in the morning. I was really confused as to how she got in and kept questioning her what she was doing here. I looked at my couch and there was a pillow and blankets so she was wanting to spend the night. After she laid down I remember I kept grabbing her and looking into her eyes asking if she was real.

I should have become lucid right at this moment but I didn’t. I repeatedly asked her if she was real and kept looking at her knowing that something wasn’t right. I thought this couldn’t be a dream because everything was too real.

The next thing I know now there is all kinds of people entering into my house and I didn’t recognize any of them. Then I saw the fire department inside blowing white powder on a fire that was behind the fridge. I was so confused as to what was going on. My mind started coming up with all kinds of reasons I was having this experience but non of them made any sense.

I first thought they came because they saw the fire and they wanted to help, but no one seemed to be paying attention to the fire. Then I was thinking that all these people were family and it was a holiday, but the only problem was I didn’t recognize any of them. Then I see my kid come out and I tell her to go to her room because I wanted to keep her safe from all these strangers.

I started getting very angry and frustrated. I was looking for my sister and yelling at everyone to leave me alone and get out of my house. Non of them would listen to me and I just started to scream because the chaos was too intense.

That was the moment that I became lucid. Everything clicked and instantly I knew that I was in a dream. My frustration and anger immediately turned into excitement.

I ran outside and everything looked almost like a cartoon video game. I saw a car parked outside and I thought that it would be really cool to go around driving it as fast as I could. I jumped in it and took off.

Now out of all the lucid dreams that I have had, this was the first time I ever drove a car in my dream. It was really cool just visualizing it going faster and slower. At first I was just driving medium speed dodging things and racing around. Then as I was driving I kept thinking go faster. Pretty soon everything turned into a blur and it felt like I was going at hyper speeds. It looked like a space movie as they go really fast through the stars but there was a lot more colors.

I remember thinking that I was going to get in a car accident if I wasn’t careful and so I made it slow down. Then I remember that it wouldn’t matter because I am only in a dream but by this time I was already done with the car and wanted to experience something else. The only problem was that when I slowed down my car had gotten stuck in a ditch.

Now this normally wouldn’t stop someone in a dream who is fully lucid but I think I got caught up in the excitement of driving that it distracted me from the fact that non of it was real.

I kept trying to go forward and backwards to get out of the ditch but nothing was working. This really got me distracted and before I knew it my lucidity was completely gone and the dream was over.

– Rudy Rohrer
– 30+ Lucid Dreams
– Australia

Dreaming of Heart Surgery

This was only the second time that I have experienced a lucid dream. The first time I experienced it, it only lasted for a few seconds so this was the first time truly seeing what it was like.  The first thing that I remember was I was laying outside on the floor and it felt like my heart was falling out of my chest.

I can’t really see anything at this point but I reach down and I can feel that my heart is pumping outside of my chest. I freaked out and grabbed it and tried to hold it in.

My first thought was that I was about to die. I couldn’t understand how this was happening. After a few moments I thought that if I could just hold my heart inside of my chest until I find a doctor then I would be alright. Attempting to figure out what was going on, I realized in my dream that I had heart surgery and they had messed something up in the process. This was the only thing that I could think of.

I went on with my dream and I kept trying to find someone to help me but there was no one around. After thinking about it for a few minutes I started wondering why I would be having heart surgery. I am young and do not need to have surgery. This was right when it clicked that I must be in a dream. I instantly became lucid.

I was in a huge grass field and all of a sudden I saw everything around me very clearly. I could see the rolling hills going off in the distance, the grass was moving with the wind, and everything looked so surreal. It was actually one of the most peaceful moments I have ever had. I looked up and could see the birds flying by and when I stopped and listened I could actually here the sounds of bugs and nature all around me. I couldn’t believe how real a dream could look once you turned lucid.

As I turned around and looked behind me I saw another young lady that was wondering by. I was extremely excited to walk up and tell her that we are in a dream. She looked at me like I was crazy and explained that she didn’t know what I was talking about. I started to argue with her telling her that none of this is real but she would not listen.

She started telling me that there is something wrong with me. This made me question if I really was in a dream or if I was just going crazy. Everything was starting to spin and turn into a complete blur. Before I knew it my lucid dream was over.

Wish I got to experience it more and do more things but there is always next time. I did learn that once you become lucid your subconscious will try to trick you back into thinking that it is all real. So once you become aware that you are in a dream do not listen to what anyone or anything else tells you or else you will mess up your whole experience like I did.

I guess practice makes perfect.

– Ericka Bullard
– New Jersey, US
– 2 Lucid Dreams