Lucidity From the Sun

Last night I had one of the longest dreams that I have had in a very long time. It took awhile for me to actually realize I was in a dream and so my lucid dream didn’t last that long but the build up of it was very interesting and kind of funny. I have had many lucid dreams but this was the first time that I became lucid because of the sun. It was also partly because of time too. I kept checking the time and it seemed to be going backwards which made me question where I was.

My dream started out in an ally. I was sitting in my truck and waiting in line to get into a concert. The first thing I remember was handing my keys to valet. Me and a few of my friends entered the concert but I quickly realized once I got in I was all alone. After walking around for awhile I ended up meeting a guy at the bar and I remember he was very boisterous and wild.  There was music everywhere and I was just walking around and exploring.

The next thing I know we are all sitting in front of a stage waiting for the bands to come on. The man that I met had said that his cousins were about to play. He told me the name of them but I can’t remember now. The band came on and I remember absolutely hating the music. It’s crazy the sounds of music that your mind can come up with in your dreams. I started walking around looking for something else to listen to but I remember all I could find was silence in my dreams.

I remember that the dream was extremely vivid. As I was walking around I was coming across all kinds of different people. I was observing everyone walk by and thinking how many different personalities in the world there are. I finally ran into my old friends that I came into the concert with and they took me to a new area that I had never been too.

The whole scenery changed and I was no longer at a concert but up on a hill with a bunch of concession stands everywhere. Is what started to trip me out was that it was that the sun was out and was probably an hour from setting. I should have become lucid at this moment but my dreaming mind came up with a reason as to why the sun was out. I thought ‘oh where on the other side of the hill so that’s why we can still see the sun from here.’ As I looked out in the distance I could see houses everywhere and thought how awesome it would be to live there and have an extra few hours of daylight.

I continued going through the motion of my dream and then looked up at the sun and realized that it was in the same exact spot. This is when I checked the time and I believe it said that it was 6pm. This was when I became very confused because earlier the day before I had watched the sun set and it was at 0730. I started thinking that somehow I had gone back in time. I started asking everyone around me what time it was and what time we had got there. Once again my mind came up with an excuse and I went on with the dream.

It wasn’t until what felt like hours later (dream time) that I seen the sun had not moved still. I checked the time and now it said 5:45. This was finally when I stopped and started thinking about what was going on and realized that I must be in a dream. I then started my lucid dream.

Every time I am in a lucid dream I usually like to talk to people and hear what they say (knowing that it comes from my own subconscious), or I like to fly, or I like to find random girls in my dream and sleep with them. This is usually all that I do depending on what I am thinking about at the time. This time I just decided to be an observer of my dream and try not to control what was going on but just experience what was happening.

I decided that I wanted to take pictures of my dream so that when I wake up I could print them out and see what was happened when I woke up. (This shows my level of lucidity was still low as I believed this was possible.) I started taking a bunch of pictures from my phone and they were quite vivid. I was thinking how great of a photographer I am while I am dreaming.

It seemed that as I was looking at the pictures I was taking my mind got distracted and I lost lucidity. Someone came to me and told me to hurry up as everyone was leaving me. Right then my dream turned into completely different scenery and my lucid dream had ended.

I haven’t had a lucid dream in awhile so I am out of practice but next time I need to make sure that I don’t lose it so quickly and also that it doesn’t take so long for me to realize that I am dreaming. All well, there’s always tomorrow night.

– Fred Montesdeoca
– Wisconsin USA- 10+ Lucid Dreams


My First Lucid Dream

You will never forget the very first time that you experience a lucid dream.

About a month prior to my first lucid dream I had never even heard the concept of lucid dreaming before. A friend of mine had told me about it and shared with me some of his experiences and I was instantly hooked. The thought of becoming aware and controlling your dreams was so amazing to me. I knew that I had to learn more and experience it for myself.

I began studying everything I could about lucid dreams and it was just about the only thing I thought about day and night. After working on my dream recall and saying multiple affirmations everyday, I finally had my first lucid dream. It was one of my most exciting experiences I have ever had and a dream that I will never forget.

It started out inside of this old eerie house. I had never seen this house before but it felt like I was still in the town where I lived. I was outside and it seemed so desolated. There was a dense mist that had settled on the ground and everything beyond the house was extremely dark. I was standing on the porch looking out and I began to get a terrible feeling that there was something out there after me. I began to panic and was trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this place.

Out of nowhere it instantly clicked that I was in a dream and I became lucid. My body was bursting out with joy and excitement. I then remembered that getting too excited will wake you up and so I quickly tried to remain calm. I had not planned what I was going to do once I became lucid and so I just started running toward the house.

When I got to the door I reached out my arm and I yelled out loud “door open!” and it instantly opened up. Once inside I realized that I wanted to fly and so I closed my eyes and just jumped through the roof of the house. Once I began ascending into the sky I realized just how real a dream could be. Gazing at all the lights and buildings below me, feeling the force of the wind against my body, looking at the bright stars, and the overall intense rush that I was feeling, it was just as real, if not more real, than waking reality.

I decided that I wanted to see the beach in the daytime and so I tried to teleport there. Little did I know how unprepared I was to make such an audacious attempt. I got a glimpse of the beach for a split second and then I became very disoriented and confused. Everything turned black and I woke up.

I was so excited the next day that I couldn’t stop talking about it. This was the beginning to a new world of dreaming that I was soon about to discover. After this experience my lucid dreams became more and more frequent, my level of lucidity rose, and the control over my dreams grew stronger. Now today, just two years later, I have had hundreds of lucid dreams. But no matter how many lucid dreams I have had, they never cease to amaze me and leave me in awe the next morning.

From Adam Hunter – California

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