Alternative World – Is This A Lucid Dream?

Name: China
Where are you from?: United States
Was this your first lucid Dream?: no
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not sure

Subject: alternitive world

I have dreams in the same place all of the time. They started to get more intense about two years ago. Even if the location is new to me, I will know where I am in relation to the rest of the world I’ve dreamed up. They take place in stores (with two particularly  sketchy shopping centers), houses, apartments, schools, a beach, or just out on the streets. This world is always a little uncomfortable because I know it’s dangerous. However by this point I know it so well I could draw a map of it.

The people all look like people I know but do not act the same. I recognize my friends and follow them hoping that they’ll make me feel safe in the world. They rarely do but I’m always too afraid to leave them because I’ve learned that I don’t like to be alone here or things get scary. I’ll get lost and haunted or nearly die.

In all of my dreams I have goals that I end up receiving and have to fulfill. If I end up not accomplishing my goal, when I wake up I will most likely feel worried and frantic all day. These missions will be anything from stopping a killing and saving a friend, to going to a store because I just need to go there.

They are very vivid and I feel allot of intense emotions while there that stick when I wake-up, even if I’m just remembering a dream I’ll get the same feeling I had in the dream.

Is this lucid dreaming and if so, how do I control it?

Lucid Dreaming Stories: Hey China thanks for submitting your story to us. Sorry but this would not be considered a lucid dream. It’s more of a vivid recurring dream. In a lucid dream you would know that you are dreaming and gain complete control over the alternative world. You would not be scarred of it or worried about completing missions in it because you would know that it is not real and just a dream. Once you became lucid you will be able to change the scenery and fly around or do whatever you like.

Keep working at it and you will eventually have a lucid dream. 🙂


How Real Dreams Can Feel – Grass

Name: Vivien Lockyer
Where are you from?: Christchurch, New Zealand
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many over the past 20-30 years

Subject: Grass

It just amazes me how the dream world can be so real, as if it is an alternative world …. last night I realised I was present in my dream, became fully lucid and pondered what I would do this time.   The countryside around me was quite dramatic this time, not beautiful as it sometimes is. I thought I would go over to a clump of grass and see how it felt.   Well, it was green/yellow in colour and felt exactly how grass feels, smooth and slippery.   Pulled, quite hard, to extract the grass from the ‘earth’. Amazing how this happens in a dream world.   Then I lifted up for a ‘fly around’.   Feeling stressed these days so my flight wasn’t the best, didn’t soar, just floated up aways and then began to drop down, through the tree branches and ended up in about 4 inches of MUD.   Within a second or two the mud became my soft bed sheets and I was awake.   The reality of the grass was fascinating.  –  Viv

Electric Poles

Name: Fay
Where are you from?: Illinois
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Nope
How many lucid dreams have you had?: I can’t remember. Quite a few, but only one recent one.

Subject: The electric poles seemed important, so I’ll go with that.

My dream started out with my sisters and I coming home to our neighbor’s house, which was odd, looking back. It was dark, and something felt off. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but someone started chasing us, and we scattered. Next thing I know, I’m an only child. I remember trying to jump the fence in the backyard, but I was too short. My dad came home, and I was safe. Then, the backyard changed, and there was a building in the far corner, where I tried to jump the fence, and there was a wooden ramp leading to the building.

The ground slanted down towards the back, and when I looked up, I was right below the arms of a high voltage power pole, like the ones you see near the expressway. I looked down, to see if the thing had a base, and sure enough, our yard was now on the edge of a cliff. Mom and some people from our church appeared, and started repairing the pole, with big pieces of what looked like parts of a trestle bridge- odd, since the power pole wasn’t the type with all the steel cross work- it was just a really big steel pole with arms on it and wires coming off.

So, mom recruits me to start helping what they’ve called a hospital construction project, and I’m standing on the arm of the pole, when I guess I have a panic attack, or something similar. (To clear things up, I’m scared of trestle bridges and the high voltage lines I saw in my dream (although, the big power lines that are made of steel cross work don’t bother me- funny, right?) At this point, I’m thinking, “Well, what if I just jumped? I’d be able to fly, and it wouldn’t really matter, since I’m dreaming.

So I jumped, only to realize that I’d forgotten how to make myself fly, and someone had attached a safety cord to my ankle. The scene changes, and I’m walking away from a building similar to the one in the backyard, telling my friend what happened. Then my friend turns into a cat, and I pick her up and carry her away. At this point, we’re walking uphill, towards my dad and sister, telling my dad about my cat friend. (somehow, both of them are alive again now.)I lost the last of my lucidity as I talked to her, and once she transformed, I was lost to the dream world once again.

I Don’t Know What Just Happen – Crazy Dream

Name: A.B
Where are you from?: Indonesia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Nope
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Three times

Subject: I have no idea what just happened

In the dream I wake up, it was dark everywhere. But then, from the dark I could see the things that are around me. I was scared at first, then I go out of my bedroom towards my parent’s bedroom. The real door is white, but this time it’s covered with dark red, almost like blood. When I opened it, I saw my parent’s skeleton or bones laying down on their bed. I cried loudly then woke up back on my own bed. That was the first, now the second time.

I woke up again and did the same thing, but this time I didn’t cry instead. Now I walk downstairs and tried to go out of my house, I grabbed a knife then went outside. Holy sh*t everything is dark with a red moon above the sky and I am like,’the hell just happened here?’. I heard loud screams that bleed my ears then I woke up.

The third time was like this… After that loud scream, I started to travel around the block. Zombies everywhere like ants on a sugar. I ran back to my house and saw my friends are all there to take cover, to hide from zombies. Now then I felt a lot safer with my friends over there, we fought a few of zombies but managed to survive. I help the wounded, bandage their arm, give them antidotes and more. Then I fell asleep as my friend is on the watch. Then I woke up back on my bed again. Sh*t what the hell was all of that, now that dream is still shadowing me… Damn it,will I come back there again?

Flying – First Lucid Experience

Name: Emily
Where are you from?: United States
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Subject: Flying

I started learning about lucid dreaming about 1-2 weeks ago. I kept trying to have one and performed 15+ reality checks each day. I soon gave up and continued my normal life, but still wrote down my dreams. One night, about 5 days I had given up, I had a lucid dream. I had a dream before it but I cannot remember it. I had fallen back asleep at around 6:00 AM when I had my lucid dream.

I started out in my normal neighborhood. We had a new neighbor and she had invited me to her house for some odd reason. I came into her house, where her mom was screaming on the phone. The girl led me up to her room (I dunno why) and I for some reason I thought I was going to be kidnapped. The room looked exactly like mine. Something happened and I became lucid; it might have been the room, but I don’t know. I surprisingly did not burst out in excitement and wake up. I was more like, “So. Huh. This is what it’s like in a lucid dream.” I decided that I wanted to fly, and tried to fly around the room. When it didn’t work, I opened the window and hopped out, hoping to start flying. The landscape had turned into a sci-fi city kinda thing. I didn’t start to hover, and instead hit the pavement. I then jumped back up in the 4 story high bedroom and tried again. I again just ended up falling. Frustrated, I tried to jump right from the ground and start flying. It was then that I remembered that in order to help you to fly in a lucid dream it helps to have or imagine some kind assistance to help you fly. I imagined a wind updraft that pushed me into the air. It worked, because I started flying! I explored the Landscape, telling people it was a dream and you could fly. I soon woke up though and my (first) lucid dream was over.

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