Lucid Dreaming Within 5 Days using the FILD Technique

Here’s a great story submitted by Anon from Oklahoma City. He was using the FILD technique. This is short for the finger induced lucid dream. It’s a strange technique that has varying results but glad to hear it worked for you Anon. I think the most effective part of this technique is waking up at 3am when you are more likely to be in REM sleep. Also going to bed with the intention of lucid dreaming is very powerful. I would say 80% of my Lucid Dreams are simply induced through intention alone.

Here’s the complete story submitted by Anon:

“So I had been trying to lucid dream for about 5 days, trying the FILD method. This night I do the normal thing and I do the FILD method, and wake up to my alarm at 3 o’clock. I immediately go back asleep and I wake up in a different bed, I automatically knew I was dreaming because I went to bed with the mindset that I would lucid dream.

So I woke up in a bed, and there was this random girl in the same bed. Instinctively, I hop on top of her and start to have sex with her. It was amazing. I just kept going until I “came” inside of her. Afterwards, I looked around and realized I was in a hotel room and decided to jump off my balcony to see if I could fly. Before I did this, though, i did a reality check to see if I was actually dreaming. The reality check I did was sticking my finger through my palm and it worked.

Once I jumped off the balcony, I began to fly but I got too excited and woke up.”

Congrats on your lucidity Anon, and keep practicing so you can stay asleep and enjoy the full experience. Also glad to hear you were able to experience the phenomenon of acting out a fantasy with the girl in your bed.

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