I’ve Had Many Lucid Dreams But This One Tops Them All

I have had many Lucid dreams over the course of the years, but this one is by far the best one yet.

The method I use after I find out if I’m dreaming or not and to make it Lucid is I smack myself in the face in my dream. I smack myself over and over and because I do not feel the “real pain” I therefore can come to the conclusion that I am in fact outside of reality and therefore can control my fate.

In this particular dream however I came to realize I was dreaming before I had to use my “smack” method.

I am from Missouri and I have heard stories of people seeing small black bears, we most definitely aren’t in bear country or anything like that. In this particular dream I am driving an old windy highway called 109 which I used to take to get to school. The odd thing this day though was there were big Brown bears all over the side of the highway.

This was a red flag. I thought there’s never any bears out here on my way to school.

That being said I have had some of the strangest things happen in my dreams that are so far from the realm of reality yet I still remain in the normal accepting state of dreaming. However, for some odd reason this one was different and seeing those bears sent me right into a Lucid state.

I gave myself one quick smack to the face just to make sure and once I knew it was safe I jumped out of my truck and let it roll on down the highway. I ran immediately off the shoulder and straight towards two of the biggest bears I could find that were fighting over a deer carcass. I jumped at on of them and tackled it into the bushes.

I continued to press my luck with these bears until I became bored and wanted something more.  I decide I want to be back on the highway and that I would like to see a bus full of naked women.

I am now thinking I want to change this dream into more of sexual desire and maybe if I can stay asleep I might have time to live out some of my sexual fantasies.

I get the bus full of women and just as some start taking there clothes off I begin to fall out of my dream. I realize I might be waking up soon. So I then jump from my truck again and begin to fly.

I feel like now I’m in control again and I spend what feels like a couple minutes just flying over my County. I fly to the zoo and land in the gorilla pit. I spend the  next couple of minutes having the gorilla chase me around and instead of flying I begin to jump back and forth in the pit and am able to leap above the trees.

Then I wake up.

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Name: Sesn
Where are you from?: United States
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many

Drew Manley

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