A Scary Lucid Dreaming Experience

When it was Thanksgiving Break, I believe two days before I was going to turn 14, I didn’t know what was happening because I couldn’t wake up. This how it started, you know when your dreaming but you also know that your about to wake up.

Currently that was happening to me. I could hear my surroundings, I could hear my sister opening my door and talking to my other sister that was also in my room on her computer typing.

So I decided I wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t.

Then I just noticed that I was on a bus, laying down on the seat, in the back of the bus. I could see the aisle and I looked at my arm and it was blurry but it was slowly moving. I got scared and I wanted to wake up but I just couldn’t. I could tell the difference if I was in a dream and I wasn’t because I could still hear my sister typing in realty, but I could still see inside of the bus in the dream.

I tried my hardest to wake up, I even tried opening up but my eyes but when I did that everything was pitch black but when I relaxed my eyes, I was back on the bus. I tried this multiple times and then I finally woke up. And when I woke up I was in the same position I was when I was laying on the bus, on my stomach, my right arm out and my left arm behind me under me.

I was scared that I would be trapped in my dream but when I woke up I was fine. My head didn’t hurt and my heart didn’t even race up.

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Drew Manley

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