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Welcome to the number one place to learn, share, and discover the wonderful world of lucid dreaming.

If you have had a lucid dream, then we want to hear about it. Sharing your experience helps others to get inspired and gain confidence if they have never experienced lucid dreaming before.

For those of you who have, you already know what an amazing and wonderful experience it can be. I have personally had 100's of lucid dreams and they never cease to amaze me. So if you are ready to share your own experience with others, you can do so here.

I have received thousands of stories over the past few years, and unfortunately I have only been able to share a few of them. I would like to share all of your stories and so here are a few guidelines before submitting your story to ensure it gets posted:

  • When writing your story, try to keep the readers interest in mind. It is difficult to explain a dream, and even harder to understand it. Write specific details about what you were feeling, seeing, and thinking at the time of your lucid dream.
  • Please do not submit your stories with slang and bad grammar. I do not have time to edit each one of your stories so think of it like your submitting a story to your English teacher. I am not going to care if there are grammar mistakes but don't submit something that has clearly had no thought put into it.
  • Try to submit your story with a minimum of 300 words. I am not going to count them, but do not submit something like, "I saw a monster and realized I was dreaming and then woke up." This is not a story. Write what you were doing the night before, what techniques you used, how many lucid dreams you have had, any obstacles you faced, and other things like this.
  • Have fun! Lucid dreaming is an exciting experience and we want to hear about it. Don't worry about what others will think of you. Remember it is a dream and sometimes dreams are very bizarre.
  • I would love to hear if any of my guides or techniques have contributed to your lucid dreaming success. If you have had success with them, and believe they can help others do the same, then let me know.

So now are you ready to get your creative juices flowing? Here you can submit your story: