The First Step to Astral Projection from an Egyptian God

I had the opportunity for a late morning nap Nov. 13th with the hopes of sleep paralysis(I get it almost always during a late morning nap) since I’ve been experimenting with astral projection lately (no luck yet).

After falling asleep on my back, I hit the jackpot. As I was laying there I tried my absolute hardest to will my consciousness (or astral body, haven’t experienced it just yet) out from behind my eyes in the pineal gland area. I started to see a bright soft white light, thought that it was happening, and I slipped into an instant lucid dream.

I was on top of a very high mountain that had a light coat of snow on everything. I walked to the edge of the cliff to look down, but noticed some small doll figures of different Egyptian gods (Ra, Thoth, Anubis, and I think Horus) by some rocks to my right. Once I noticed Thoth (Egyptian god of wisdom and knowledge), I instantly thought about how I’ve been waiting for my next lucid experience to speak with him. So, I decided to give it a try (my first lucid dream summoning).

I looked to my left where there was a clearing, and as I did, just with the thought of summoning him, he was already there. A giant, black, almost fat Buddha version of the bird god.

(It was as almost we were communicating with thought, because everything would happen automatically as I thought it, and I have never been able to control the setting of my lucid dream, only interact with it as of yet)

I approached and decided to ask for guidance on astral projection; how to leave the body to be more specific. I sat in a typical meditation style, which I felt he wanted me to do. He then said in a very deep manly voice, “The first step to leaving your body is to bring focus to your eyes.”

As he spoke this, I closed my eyes (now back in sleep paralysis), and brought attention to my eyes. After a moment, I opened them again (now back in the dream state), but Thoth was gone and I was alone.

I approached the cliff again, this time I looked down and it was so deep that my vision couldn’t see through to the bottom. After peering down, I looked to the right to a funny rock formation. It was shaped just like a diving board, I knew that was its purpose.

I thought about using it as a launching pad for flying, but felt apprehensive for some reason. I decided to just go for it anyway, and as I did so….I woke up 🙁

Probably not, but could this have been a lower level astral projection? The way my thoughts were being carried out instantly has never happened at this level before. I’ve seen the bright light before in a past SP experience, but nothing happened and I woke up.

Neat stuff we can do with our minds.

Name: Christopher
Where are you from?: Riverside County, CA
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not enough!

Drew Manley

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Thomas - December 16, 2013

this doesn’t sound like astral projection. astral projection is one of those things where if it happens you know without a doubt that it’s happening, it’s very hard to explain the feeling , it’s almost like you are slipping away you literally feel your astral being go through your skin. it only happened to me once so i don’t really know much about it but i do know that it is possible and that it is very intense . in fact i got so scared at what was happening to me i lost it and returned to my physical body not long after it started

Q - May 29, 2014

I don’t think it was astral projection, just a lucid dream. Even the part in sleep paralysis when you saw the light. I don’t think it was an OBE

Niya - September 15, 2014

Weren’t you a little afraid to astral project? I mean like I thought about trying it a couple of times then got scared because of the movie Insidious. What do you want to accomplish by doing that?

Daniel - February 15, 2015

I wonder why we would give attention to Egyptian gods who were publicly humiliated more then 3000 years ago and put to open public shame 2000 years ago. They have nothing to offer you, but lies. They would seek to divert your attention from the superior God. Why serve the loser? You end up losing yourself.

As far as how to astral project, it has a great deal to do with the faith you put into it. As a friend of mine said, it’s all about the intention and attention. I once focused like this, relaxed on my couch and just rehearsed those words, “intention and attention” and my spirit bundled up into my mind – an orb of white and blue consciousness. I was about to go but my child started calling for me and I was just a bit freaked out.

Thomas - May 22, 2015

if you ever astral project you will not even have to ask if you astral project later on .. you will know .. I have only done it once and actually became very afraid because I was not attempting to do so, so as I was staring at my physical body I decided to return to it out of fear of dark entities entering my body


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