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The Nightmare I Escaped

This was my first lucid dream, and it happened last night. The dream started when my father and I were getting into our boat to take a boat ride. I realized that I was dreaming because the boat is in Lake Mead and it would make no sense we were using it in the ocean.

As we started the boat a police car went down a sort of mountain with it’s sirens trying to give us a ticket. My dad and I started going closer to shore to get the ticket, but before we were able to get the ticket, sharks started chasing us. It made absolutely no sense. That’s when I figured out it had to be a dream!

My dad somehow disappeared maybe because I didn’t want him in a tragic thing like this. So I started swimming to shore while the sharks were chasing after me. I gave my self an amazing speed of swimming powers. I got to shore and the police man was eaten by a gray brownish hairy being. I was scared out of my mind because it looked so horrific.

I punched the monster and gave myself a golden desert eagle pistol. I shot about 10 monsters before coming into someone’s backyard. Then I went to hide. I was being chased around this house as if it was like Scooby-Doo, but I was enjoying it. I was flying and I was running at the speed of 50 miles per hour. I went back outside spawning an army of Marines.

Out of nowhere Hitler was being surrounded by 1,000,000 monsters. The army and I fought it out and I kept spawning more weapons and more army soldiers. We found out Hitler was the leader of these monsters and killed him. The whole time I was using super speed, super strength, and flying. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go to sleep again.

Name: Robert
Email: rjzmlb29@gmail.com
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Summoning Astral Projection

I had the opportunity for a late morning nap Nov. 13th with the hopes of sleep paralysis(I get it almost always during a late morning nap) since I’ve been experimenting with astral projection lately (no luck yet).

After falling asleep on my back, I hit the jackpot. As I was laying there I tried my absolute hardest to will my consciousness (or astral body, haven’t experienced it just yet) out from behind my eyes in the pineal gland area. I started to see a bright soft white light, thought that it was happening, and I slipped into an instant lucid dream.

I was on top of a very high mountain that had a light coat of snow on everything. I walked to the edge of the cliff to look down, but noticed some small doll figures of different Egyptian gods (Ra, Thoth, Anubis, and I think Horus) by some rocks to my right. Once I noticed Thoth (Egyptian god of wisdom and knowledge), I instantly thought about how I’ve been waiting for my next lucid experience to speak with him. So, I decided to give it a try (my first lucid dream summoning).

I looked to my left where there was a clearing, and as I did, just with the thought of summoning him, he was already there. A giant, black, almost fat Buddha version of the bird god.

(It was as almost we were communicating with thought, because everything would happen automatically as I thought it, and I have never been able to control the setting of my lucid dream, only interact with it as of yet)

I approached and decided to ask for guidance on astral projection; how to leave the body to be more specific. I sat in a typical meditation style, which I felt he wanted me to do. He then said in a very deep manly voice, “The first step to leaving your body is to bring focus to your eyes.”

As he spoke this, I closed my eyes (now back in sleep paralysis), and brought attention to my eyes. After a moment, I opened them again (now back in the dream state), but Thoth was gone and I was alone.

I approached the cliff again, this time I looked down and it was so deep that my vision couldn’t see through to the bottom. After peering down, I looked to the right to a funny rock formation. It was shaped just like a diving board, I knew that was its purpose.

I thought about using it as a launching pad for flying, but felt apprehensive for some reason. I decided to just go for it anyway, and as I did so….I woke up 🙁

Probably not, but could this have been a lower level astral projection? The way my thoughts were being carried out instantly has never happened at this level before. I’ve seen the bright light before in a past SP experience, but nothing happened and I woke up.

Neat stuff we can do with our minds.

Name: Christopher
Where are you from?: Riverside County, CA
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not enough!


Physics – Aliens and Time Travel Dream

I was at a beach resort, in some random apartments that looked like apartments that I had lived in as a child. Immediately, I know I am dreaming but I want to go along with the dream story line so I let the dream take its course. Aliens were revealed to the world and the population was split. Half of the world welcomed the aliens and the other half figured armageddon. There were groups along the beach that were letting off red balloons in a symbol of welcome to the red lights that blinked across the atmosphere (aliens) but the people who let off the balloons were actually involved in a mass suicide pact and all died.

I was trying to get ready for a party that my friend D was throwing at his mansion (which was sometimes my mansion in other dreams with my time traveling elevator and library) and I couldn’t decide between earrings and other jewelry. I had a pair of red ruby studs, gold leafs that dangled, gold branches, gold claws, arrows, geode studs, and random diamonds. My necklaces were not as varied as my earrings and in the end I chose some stupid hipster outfit and a pair of nikes. As I was getting ready though, I had about a million different notions to buy a bus ticket going anywhere but where I was. But for some reason involving one of my sisters and my mom, I had insufficient funds.

On the beach, I saw my childhood friend T! Where we sort of ended up having a purely physical affair. It was fun, we made a lot of jokes and fucked around a lot. In the meantime, I also met this girl who looked like Shelly from Hemlock Grove playing in a garden, but she was an alien. We were kinda friends. Anyway, I’m trying to get ready for this party and I’m with another one of my sisters on the couch and there was an alien on the balcony. They looked just like us, but it was a disguise. It was a man, and my sister screamed but I was paralyzed. She runs and I end up talking to the alien who was kind and very wise. I pestered him about the Doctor, but his answers were vague. Then he gave me a name of his people and wrote it out on paper for me, the symbols were interesting at the time, but I can only remember one, which meant a child of the stars and it was a square with a star in the center.

At the time, D was just like, FUCK IT, and brought the party to my apartment. So everyone was partying and it made me slightly nervous because I didn’t want anyone to start a conflict with the aliens. So the aliens leave, the party dies down, and Dallas asks me to come over. I end up trying to drive a car with the Shelley/Alien and it doesn’t work out so I call my mom and she says she’ll take me, and D is trying to pick me up because I thought I needed a ride so it was a shit show getting there. And eventually we get to my mother’s boyfriend’s house which is literally 2 doors down from D’s mansion.

So I hop over there and everyone is partying in the pool and it’s kind of a nice hoity toity pool party. D looks like half D and half Roger from American Dad, with a really pretty yellow sun bonnet/hat and a tall glass of something in his hands while he’s sitting in a pool floaty.

I’m trying to get him to come upstairs with me to my time traveling elevator and to the library but he’s being a butt. I meet and speak with a very old Asian woman who is extremely funny and awesome, so I tell her about my secret elevator and try to take her with me to see it. But as we go up the stairs and into the hallway, my elevator isn’t there, it’s just plaster. I am understandably upset.

The old woman leaves.

D comes to me very angry that I tried to show the old woman my elevator. We begin arguing and I don’t remember the exact things that were said. But before I wake up, he tells me that he’s met me three times before in my past lives and each time I’ve made the same mistake.

I lucid dream often, but I don’t understand why or what any of it means. This is probably just my imagination and filtering of thoughts/memories through my unconscious… But is something else happening? Sometimes, I dream I am in a spirit world with ugly creatures and malevolent forces that I somehow always make myself confront, through epic fights (sometimes on mountain tops and other strange dramatic locations), or by simply flying away as I know how to do while dreaming.

I feel very alone with these dreams as no one else I speak to about them understands lucid dreaming at all. Is it all scientific and simple? Or should I be afraid?

Name: Taylor
Where are you from?: Michigan
Was this your first lucid Dream?: NO
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Thousands

Alien Invasion Dream

Name: Kenneth
Where are you from?: Malaysia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: about five over the past year

Subject: Alien invasion dream

Well, it started out as a normal dream, me walking out of my front gate, looking down the street at sunset, when suddenly I realized there were two aliens (I find it hard to remember exact details now, but they were gray, rather like those aliens you see in 50s horror movies, with big heads and I don’t know how many arms.) Seeing me, they fired on me with some plasma bolt gun contraption (like a laser tag gun if you’ve ever used one.)

I ran back into my house, where I had several friends over. They all asked me what the matter was and I told them. Strangely enough they all believed it, and this was my first cue that I was dreaming, because it didn’t make logical sense. I started to plan this ambush on the aliens with my friends – night had fallen – and it worked a treat. We hid behind the door and as soon as the aliens busted through we physically grabbed them and choked them to death. But then suddenly a third alien appeared and someone pulled out a gun and blasted the head off. Wait, what?

That was my second cue, as guns are not all that prevalent where I come from, much less with kids younger then me and teenagers! So I began to wonder exactly what the hell was going on. I could have lost it here, woken up at this point. But instead I began to wonder, if I went back up the stairs (which has a good view of the main gate) would I find a crate of weapons waiting for me? Sure enough, when I went upstairs, I did find laser guns and normal ones, enough for all of us (5 people) to fight them off. I grabbed ’em all and ran back downstairs, shouting something to the effect of ‘Wolverines!’. We laid in wait, knowing that the three that had just came was just a scout party and the rest would soon follow.

But then suddenly it dawned on me to try and create some more weapons, right in front of my eye, like spawning guns in video games. So I stared at a blank patch of floor, willing a rail gun to appear. It worked! It was then I also had the realization: I’m dreaming! Equally certain was the idea I could control it. Again, I could have lost it here, but somehow I stayed lucid.

Then when they came, we waited for them to fill up my porch with their nasty grey heads sticking out, then came out firing. Our bolts hit so many it was hard to count, but they kept coming. Throughout this I was conscious that if I did get hit, I would die and the dream would end. (I later learned that this was a rule imposed by my subconscious and I could have willed it away if I wanted to.) So I didn’t get hit, and when someone shot at me, it always seemed to me that my superhuman reflexes dodged the bolt, or else someone came to my rescue. I had a lot of fun rushing back upstairs, then just as the aliens broke through the front door, running down, all guns blazing, stopping the invasion. I imagine I could hit them from anywhere, and it really was the case that if I could see ’em, I could hit ’em.

Through the wee hours of the night, this continued, red bolts lighting up the sky until dawn. I didn’t know how this ended, but it was semi-voluntary, something like, OK this dream was fun, but I want to wake up now. So I simply willed that there be no more aliens to come, and shot the remaining aliens, then commiserated with my friends, and woke up.

I’ve had several others since then – flying was really fun – but that first lucid dream is always something I’ll remember.

The Garden

Name: Wil
Where are you from?: Minnesota
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Subject: The garden

At first the scenery is in a large city, much like New York but more sophisticated. Tall glass buildings towered hundreds of feet up. A corn maze appeared and I walked into it. The scene shifted to a field trip with school to the rose gardens. At this point I was in full control. A sculpture of a large chair appeared in front of me. I tried to fly by jumping up. When this did not work I tried to climb the chair.  A wind from below assisted me on my climb and in no time I was on top. A bull horn sat Baxter to me. Suddenly I became excited and started yelling at my classmates that we were all dreaming. At this point the dream began to lose lucidity.

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