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The Nightmare I Escaped

This was my first lucid dream, and it happened last night. The dream started when my father and I were getting into our boat to take a boat ride. I realized that I was dreaming because the boat is in Lake Mead and it would make no sense we were using it in the ocean.

As we started the boat a police car went down a sort of mountain with it’s sirens trying to give us a ticket. My dad and I started going closer to shore to get the ticket, but before we were able to get the ticket, sharks started chasing us. It made absolutely no sense. That’s when I figured out it had to be a dream!

My dad somehow disappeared maybe because I didn’t want him in a tragic thing like this. So I started swimming to shore while the sharks were chasing after me. I gave my self an amazing speed of swimming powers. I got to shore and the police man was eaten by a gray brownish hairy being. I was scared out of my mind because it looked so horrific.

I punched the monster and gave myself a golden desert eagle pistol. I shot about 10 monsters before coming into someone’s backyard. Then I went to hide. I was being chased around this house as if it was like Scooby-Doo, but I was enjoying it. I was flying and I was running at the speed of 50 miles per hour. I went back outside spawning an army of Marines.

Out of nowhere Hitler was being surrounded by 1,000,000 monsters. The army and I fought it out and I kept spawning more weapons and more army soldiers. We found out Hitler was the leader of these monsters and killed him. The whole time I was using super speed, super strength, and flying. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go to sleep again.

Name: Robert
Email: rjzmlb29@gmail.com
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Wanting to Wake Up

Name: Bre
Where are you from?: Canada
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many

I have always remembered this dream, it was one of the more vivid and surreal dreams I have ever had.

All I remember was being surrounded by many tall buildings, plastered in different colours of grey. I had imagined in New York.

Face to face with a criminal, someone who was threatening me with a gun, in my nightmare, I suddenly became completely aware that I was dreaming. I repeatedly told myself I wanted to wake up. But nothing would happen. I remembered yelling at the prison escape, telling him I wanted to wake up. Unable to open my eyes, I counted down from three. Telling myself when I got to one I would open my eyes and escape my nightmare.




I immediately opened my eyes. Drenched in sweat and heart racing, I sat there, completely awake.