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2D and 3D Dream

Name: Chris
Where are you from?: Canada
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 5

Subject: 2D and 3D

This was a very low level of lucidity, but a very interesting dream! As soon as it started I just realized I was in a dream, not really sure why. The dream was like a computer screen, there was a window for a game, and 3 options. Like I said, in the dream even though I knew I was dreaming, it seemed completely normal for my life to be a screen. The options were 2D, 3D, and Real Life. I wanted to do something, but the dream was in 2D mode.

I couldn’t really control anything, just make a blurry character form in the window. I thought maybe 3D would be better, and it was but after a few minutes it went back to 2D. After about 10 minutes I finally became a bit more lucid and realized I should be in real life, and not a game. So I fell backwards through a wall with the intention that when I came out it would look like real life. When I did come out, it was in this room with a girl leaning against the wall. I floated around exploring the room and a hallway that went from it. After I got to a bend in the hallway, it got really bright and I woke up.

Lucid Dreaming Reality

Name: Teaa
Where are you from?: New Zealand
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many

Its true what they say about lucid dreaming. it can be dangerous due to the difficulty to define dream from reality. Because if you lucid dream as frequently as me, its hard to tell if your still dreaming or not.

I started lucid dreaming at a very young age. Probably around 8 or 9 when I had gotten sick of nightmares about Chucky and other horror movies that I liked. I didn’t want to be afraid anymore and so I decided to fight back my nightmares. That’s when I realized i could do anything in my dream. I pictured that i was able to fly and so I could. I pictured I could transform into any animal, and so I did. But then throughout the years I realized that it had started to become so realistic that i couldn’t tell dream from reality.

Lucid dreaming isn’t all bad though, its a good get-away when you just want to be whoever you want to be.