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2D and 3D Dream

Name: Chris
Where are you from?: Canada
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 5

Subject: 2D and 3D

This was a very low level of lucidity, but a very interesting dream! As soon as it started I just realized I was in a dream, not really sure why. The dream was like a computer screen, there was a window for a game, and 3 options. Like I said, in the dream even though I knew I was dreaming, it seemed completely normal for my life to be a screen. The options were 2D, 3D, and Real Life. I wanted to do something, but the dream was in 2D mode.

I couldn’t really control anything, just make a blurry character form in the window. I thought maybe 3D would be better, and it was but after a few minutes it went back to 2D. After about 10 minutes I finally became a bit more lucid and realized I should be in real life, and not a game. So I fell backwards through a wall with the intention that when I came out it would look like real life. When I did come out, it was in this room with a girl leaning against the wall. I floated around exploring the room and a hallway that went from it. After I got to a bend in the hallway, it got really bright and I woke up.

Unbelievable This Works

Name: David
Where are you from?: va
Was this your first lucid Dream?: yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 3

Subject: unbelievable this works

I’ve been having a problem sleeping where I’d wake up feeling paralyzed and couldn’t breathe, it would take everything I had to move just a finger. I researched this problem about three weeks ago and found to it be sleep paralysis. While reading info on that I came across lucid dreaming, in complete disbelief I read on and decided to try it.

Last night I went out with friends stayed out to 3am came home and went to bed, I only got a few hours sleep before we all met up for breakfast. So when I came home I decided to take a nap to charge up for a party tonight.

As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep and my sleep paralysis started. Still feeling scared to just let it run its course (feels like I’m
going to die) I started to fight it after letting it go on longer than normal. I pushed myself up out of bed as hard as I possibly could then it was effortless I was standing at the foot of my bed clinching my pillow as I advanced through the house floating, once in the kitchen I no longer had the pillow and looked at the clock on the stove and saw odd times that made no sense with every glance. I realized I was lucid dreaming. For some reason I started packing up chairs and smashing them and my alarm clock was unplugged on the kitchen table but still had numbers, I woke up only to have my dog in the bed even though he was outside where I put him so I looked at the clock again crazy numbers so I ran outside jumped in the truck and headed to town. The roads looked fine but seemed to be covered in ice as I was fishtailing all over the place and crashed into a lot of cars. Woke up for real after that.

Still not having enough experience to completely control my dreams I fell back sleep. This time when I woke up I tried to put items in my dream and it was working. Still couldn’t automatically dress myself had to do it in my dream and made my way safely to town where my dirty mind took over. I will just leave it at that to keep this PG.

I honestly did not believe this could work. When reading up on it i did not really follow the steps of writting down your dreams, I’ve always been able to remember a good amount of them as long as I went over the dream as soon as I awake. I hope I can continue to get better and at controlling these dreams its fun to play with. I understand my dreams are not great and magical or carry any meaning but its a start and its what I experienced for my first which im excided about.  But back to real life for now..

Elephant – Rhino Headed King

Name: Hem
Where are you from?: Australia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not many – maybe about ten in the last couple of years

Subject: Elephant/rhino-headed king

This was quite a brief lucid dream, one of about three I had last night. They started off like out of body experiences – I was aware I was lying in my bed and then I got “the feeling” but instead of “getting up”, I’d just float upwards and found myself somewhere new – more of a dreamscape.

In one of these lucid dreams I found myself in a huge room, I followed along the ceiling and I found that every surface of this huge space was the same – wood I think, and curved. I looked down and right smack-bang in the middle of the room was a throne. Sitting on the throne was a king with what looked like either an elephant or rhino head. It was almost cartoon-like. He was just sitting there, all regal like. He didn’t notice me.

I  woke myself up because I had an urge to google a description of the room and king. Ganesha came up because I googled “elephant-headed king”. What I saw didn’t really look like the traditional representations of ganesh – as I said he was more cartoon like – but it was a very cool place and a very unusual king. I wish I could lucid dream more often, but I’m so sleep-deprived these days due to kids, my brain isn’t what it used to be!

I Don’t Know What Just Happen – Crazy Dream

Name: A.B
Where are you from?: Indonesia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Nope
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Three times

Subject: I have no idea what just happened

In the dream I wake up, it was dark everywhere. But then, from the dark I could see the things that are around me. I was scared at first, then I go out of my bedroom towards my parent’s bedroom. The real door is white, but this time it’s covered with dark red, almost like blood. When I opened it, I saw my parent’s skeleton or bones laying down on their bed. I cried loudly then woke up back on my own bed. That was the first, now the second time.

I woke up again and did the same thing, but this time I didn’t cry instead. Now I walk downstairs and tried to go out of my house, I grabbed a knife then went outside. Holy sh*t everything is dark with a red moon above the sky and I am like,’the hell just happened here?’. I heard loud screams that bleed my ears then I woke up.

The third time was like this… After that loud scream, I started to travel around the block. Zombies everywhere like ants on a sugar. I ran back to my house and saw my friends are all there to take cover, to hide from zombies. Now then I felt a lot safer with my friends over there, we fought a few of zombies but managed to survive. I help the wounded, bandage their arm, give them antidotes and more. Then I fell asleep as my friend is on the watch. Then I woke up back on my bed again. Sh*t what the hell was all of that, now that dream is still shadowing me… Damn it,will I come back there again?

On A Party Ship

Name: Torrento
Where are you from?: Cali/Ok
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: I have lucid dreams all the time

First to understand my dream you have to know I’m a 90’s kid, ScoobyDoo fan, and I am going to the navy. From what I remember; I was on a ship, my crew members and I were standing on the deck having a beer, shooting the shit, when this Gaint octopus attacked the ship. Well the ship is sinking and I run towards the rooms to make sure everyone was up. There were ghosts flying around me and I see the scooby doo gang (haha) and they were being attack by the ghosts. So I tried to help them and made the ghost chase after me.

I was running along the side of the ship when the monster hit it and I and some of the crew fell into the water. In the water I thought “oh shit my phone” I reached into my pocket and checked my phone, it was still working and that’s when I knew I was dreaming (that’s my sign I have in dreams to realize I am in fact dreaming). And from there I woke up.