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The Nightmare I Escaped

This was my first lucid dream, and it happened last night. The dream started when my father and I were getting into our boat to take a boat ride. I realized that I was dreaming because the boat is in Lake Mead and it would make no sense we were using it in the ocean.

As we started the boat a police car went down a sort of mountain with it’s sirens trying to give us a ticket. My dad and I started going closer to shore to get the ticket, but before we were able to get the ticket, sharks started chasing us. It made absolutely no sense. That’s when I figured out it had to be a dream!

My dad somehow disappeared maybe because I didn’t want him in a tragic thing like this. So I started swimming to shore while the sharks were chasing after me. I gave my self an amazing speed of swimming powers. I got to shore and the police man was eaten by a gray brownish hairy being. I was scared out of my mind because it looked so horrific.

I punched the monster and gave myself a golden desert eagle pistol. I shot about 10 monsters before coming into someone’s backyard. Then I went to hide. I was being chased around this house as if it was like Scooby-Doo, but I was enjoying it. I was flying and I was running at the speed of 50 miles per hour. I went back outside spawning an army of Marines.

Out of nowhere Hitler was being surrounded by 1,000,000 monsters. The army and I fought it out and I kept spawning more weapons and more army soldiers. We found out Hitler was the leader of these monsters and killed him. The whole time I was using super speed, super strength, and flying. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go to sleep again.

Name: Robert
Email: rjzmlb29@gmail.com
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Angry Cloud – Was this a lucid dream?

Name: Leona Škrinjaric
Where are you from?: Croatia
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Alot

I had this dream 3 times and it was always something a bit different. The first time I had it when i was 5, then 6 and then 9. I was with my mother and we were walking together and she was holding my hand. We were going to the park. The sun was almost gone. Then,my mom saw puddle from the rain and two small rocks were in it. Mom placed her feet around it, kind of…and she pressed it and the rock flew into a tree. I wanted to do the same, and I did everything the same she did, but my rock hit the cloud. The cloud got angry and it started rolling on the road and it was coming towards us.

When i was five, that’s when the dream stopped. When i was six, mom took me and she started running and it stopped, and when I was nine, cloud caught us and it cut my moms mouth. I started crying and I woke up crying. Now, I’m not sure is this lucid dream, and that’s why I posted it, so that someone could tell me if this is a lucid dream or not.

Aaaand i hope you understood it.

Lucid Dreaming Stories: Sorry Leona, but this is more of a reoccurring dream than a lucid dream. Angry clouds in dreams can represent storms, or some type of troubles that you are facing. Because it was chasing you, maybe you felt that troubles were coming after you and your mom was trying to protect you, but as you got older and the angry cloud caught your mom, you may have been feeling as if your mom could not protect you from the troubles you were facing.

A lucid dream is when you become aware that you are dreaming, while the dream is still taking place. So for example as the cloud was chasing you, you would say, “hey, this cloud is not real and I am only in a dream.” After that you would not be afraid of the cloud because you would know that it’s just a dream and you are in control of your dream so you could change the cloud into whatever you wanted.

Hope this helps

Flying and Lucid Nightmare

Name: Will Cox
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: One

Okay so one night I fell asleep (I guess) and then I felt as If I had suddenly waken up. Anyways I was on a beach and the first thing I remember doing is flying. It was amazing being able to control your own flight and I went right down to a small beach house. I sall a man that looked like a cyclops which was really cool. He talked funny and I remember going inside and there was a mirror. Looking into that mirror was the worst decision.

There were scary creatures and demons behind me, I remember one female with black hair with her hair tangles and at her side, her jaw was hanging about five inches lower then normal. She had a cut up tongue with green ooze and her eyes were pitch black, her skin pale as bleach. I remember another man who was a dwarf with a clown nose and a butchers knife who was laughing hysterically. I remember flying the hell out of there and that’s about it.