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My First Lucid Dream Ever

Name: Lizzie
Where are you from?: Illinois
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes!
How many lucid dreams have you had?: I think only one

Subject: My first ever lucid dream story, enjoy 🙂

I stood alone out in the open. My bare feet were exposed in the damp green grass, while the sun rained down and warmed my sun kissed skin. The light, crisp wind threw my honey colored hair behind my head, making it dance this way and that. I opened my eyes, and before me there was a meadow as far as I could see. Tall green grass was growing and an abundance of flowers of every color. And yet, far off in the distance, I could see a tree line filled with evergreen and apple trees. This was the place I have always dreamed of. It was the place I imagined when I was sad, upset, scared, or week. It was my dream home. I ran toward the flowers, tears of joy running town my cheeks. The wind tussled my white sun dress this way and that, making me for some reason feel more invigorated than ever. Once I got to the flowers, I collapsed on the ground. I just laid there and looked up at the clear blue sky. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my skin while the flowers caressed me in their arms. I felt safe. I felt as if I were in the place I was meant to be. I let my fingers explore the flowers and grass, feeling every leaf and every fold of the earth. Touching every petal and every stem. It was as if they
were actually there.

Suddenly, the sun was gone. I got cold and there was no light shining down at me. I opened my eyes, a little concerned as to what was going on. But then, I knew why there was no sun. Josh was standing before me, with his hand extended out, blocking the sun with every inch of his perfect self. I grabbed his hand with my own and he lifted me up, smiling his beautiful, flawless smile. We stood there, holding each others hands and looking right into each others eyes. I smiled, so happy that I was privileged enough to have him with me. He smiled back, and we both closed our eyes and started kissing. It was amazing, and so exhilarating. I almost thought I would wake up from all the excitement, but I stayed calm.

We stopped kissing after a certain amount of time and just held each other. I felt his heart thumping against my chest, and it calmed me. I ran my hands up and down his back, until I got up to his hair. I ran my fingers through his brown curls, trying to remember every pattern and every swirl. I looked off into the distance, knowing that this world had so much more to offer. I got so excited about what all of my new dreams will hold, and that’s when I woke up.

But hey, I thought it was a perfect ending… And a perfect dream too 🙂

Lucid Dream and Having Sex

Name: Lucid beginner
Where are you from?: Vegas
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

My first lucid dream was far beyond anything that I could ever comprehend.  It started out with me and some of my good friends just sitting around in my living room. (probally drinking/smoking, or something to that effect) Everything that happened before I started dreaming seemed very vague or colorless? Nothing was distinctly astonishing whatsoever. Just a couple of dudes chillin kickback style.

I don’t really remember what it was that made me realize I was dreaming. It kinda just felt like one of those instances where you’re awake and you kind of just space out without realizing what’s actually going on? But only this time when I came to, I became increasingly aroused. It seemed like no one was really talking to me anymore and I could now focus on the scene and environment around me without actually effecting anything.

I realized I was dreaming and instantly tried to remain as calm as I possibly could. But I was still very curious so my eyes flashed to the first bit of writing I could. Did my eyes deceive me, before actually focusing on what the words said it seemed to there was nothing wrong with them? But at the closer look the became scrambled and some of them even mirrored like a foreign language. This befuddled me and made me smile, the very next thing I did was think to myself that when I look back to the seat next to me my ex would be sitting there. And I no more thought it and it was true. Although not wearing what I expected, she immediately gave me that look like I was hiding something? I touched her leg and it she seemed to respond well to it she then climbed on top of my lap and my clothes were already off, she slid me inside of her and let me tell you something, the feeling was UNBELIEVABLE. But I immediately stopped what was happening because I didn’t want the dream to end but just like the manifestation of this hottie when thought of waking up entered my train of thought I did. But I woke up with a smile, and I hope I can soon master the art of lucidity

Meaning of Life

Name: Lucid dream boatchocolate
Where are you from?: Peru
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 79

I came into my lucid dream by performing my reality check, what I do is I pull my cell phone out of my pocket and if I’m in a dream it’s a completely different phone.

So I came into the dream and I was in a small pizza cafe in New York I enjoy visiting in my dreams. This time I decided to go to sleep again like off that movie inception, It actually worked and I wake up again in a unusual place I’ve never seen before in my lucid dreams. It was a beautiful forest that was just glowing with life and colors filled the air. I was shocked.

Everything felt so real, nothing could wipe the smile off my face. There were no problems, just me and the harmony of this reality. I started hearing voices as I focused into what I was listening to and it was a beautiful voice singing. I was so captured by it I followed it into a valley that turned into a dark canyon. I lit up the whole place with my thoughts and it blew up like the moon in the nights sky. I followed that beautiful voice down the cave and I started noticing of what looked to be ancient carvings from another planet or real but I could read what it says it read “the meaning of life” I was so surprised I thought to myself is this it am I finally going to know the biggest secret to mankind? Inscribed into a picture of the flower of life underneath said ” to know ones self one must know how to shelve 3 pills 2 tabs and a bud while injecting heroin to know everything.

Thank you for reading my dream this one really meant a lot to me hope you enjoyed it and help you better understand the meaning of life.

Lucid Dreaming Reality

Name: Teaa
Where are you from?: New Zealand
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Many

Its true what they say about lucid dreaming. it can be dangerous due to the difficulty to define dream from reality. Because if you lucid dream as frequently as me, its hard to tell if your still dreaming or not.

I started lucid dreaming at a very young age. Probably around 8 or 9 when I had gotten sick of nightmares about Chucky and other horror movies that I liked. I didn’t want to be afraid anymore and so I decided to fight back my nightmares. That’s when I realized i could do anything in my dream. I pictured that i was able to fly and so I could. I pictured I could transform into any animal, and so I did. But then throughout the years I realized that it had started to become so realistic that i couldn’t tell dream from reality.

Lucid dreaming isn’t all bad though, its a good get-away when you just want to be whoever you want to be.

The Tree

I have experienced plenty of lucid dreams before. They always are pretty basic, low leveled in lucidity. But this one was different than any other I have ever experienced.

The dream started off normal, as any other I have ever had before. I was falling. Everything was dark but I could feel wind brushing against my body. As I was falling, I slowly regained the ability to open my eyes without opening my physical body’s eyes. The sky was beautiful, a unique mixture of pinks and reds. I remember thinking that it had to be evening time.

Suddenly, I could see a beautiful house. It was two stories, white. The roof was a unique shade of dark blue. The windows had interesting black panes surrounding them. My body, well my dream body, smashed into the top window, and the scene changed. Instead of falling and flying as I usually am used to, I was standing by a tall tree. I recognize the tree as the one I see everyday, across the pond from my home. I look around and it is my property. 20 acres of trees and grass land, but no fences could be seen nor home. I was intrigued as I never had the ability to walk or feel the ground in my lucid dreams.

So, I took a step and the gravity in this place weighed heavily on my back, my body, so heavily that I felt like I was fighting my way through a current. But the feel of the soft grass and the dirt was all I could truly think about. It was marvelous. Then, I spied a brightly colored note on the tree out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, but by then, I had jolted myself out of the dream.

It was beautiful.

– Julia Wynn

– Oklahoma, Us

– 10 – 15 Lucid Dreams