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Swimming, Game Show, SpiderMan – First Time Lucid Dream Stories

Name: Bob
Where are you from?: Texas
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Not sure

Subject: Swimming

I was swimming in either a lake or an ocean or not sure but I had been under water for an abnormally amount of time. Knowing that humans can’t breathe underwater, I realized that I was dreaming. So I kept fucking around in the ocean just swimming and stuff but then an alligator bit my leg. He was dragging me down to the ocean floor but I gave myself super strength and ripped his head right of his body. Then I woke up.

Name: Tommy
Where are you from?: New York City
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: around 2 dozen

Subject: My mind blew

The very first time I had a lucid dream I was about 10 years old it started with me walking down a street in my neighborhood at night where I never hung out. I asked myself how I got there and noticed that there were no parked cars anywhere. I realized I was sleeping and walked into the street, my left arm lifted on its own instinct and a web flew out of my veins. In an instant I was spider man but it was really hard to web sling so I kept hitting into the buildings. About a minute of zipping from building to building I woke up.

Name: Dakota
Where are you from?: Oklahoma
Was this your first lucid Dream?: yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: one

Subject: Anime Game Show

Okay, first let me tell you that this wasn’t like any lucid dream I have seen on the Internet. I wasn’t in the dream, but I had control of all the characters in the dream. The Characters were all anime and in a game show in the middle of the woods. I was controlling all characters to do all sorts of weird things in the game show. The dream ended with a weird avatar sex scene. I guess that is all.

The Apocalypse Dream

Name: Sierra
Where are you from?: United States
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Millions – as long as I can remember

I don’t remember exactly how it started, but I was living in a city that was near the sea. The sky and sea were all sort of tinged a sickly dull blackened color. What had been happening was that something was poisoning the water and a lot of people had been dying from it. There were several monster type things – there were worms with big teeth in all the pipes and sewers, sort of like lampreys, in different sizes depending on where they lived, and then there were strange humped creatures with black slippery backs that had cavities shaped vaguely like freaky skeleton faces.

I was with a group of people running around, trying to stay alive and find a way to end everything – I remember at one point there was a worm that burst out of a manhole cover and my friend and I only just got out of the way. Later on I told my friends, I guess I was sort of a leader perhaps, to wait for me because I had finally found the source of the problem at the shore. So I went to this big building that was flooded by poisoned seawater, with several death’s heads floating in it (the humped things)and there was this huge, octopus monster (who gave off the impression of being female).

I stood on a ledge in a doorway above the water, and started to gather up this power I had inside me (I’ve always had a hard time ‘feeling’ the magic or healing or whatever that I’ve been trying to do in dreams but this one worked well) to try to defeat her/it, but then one of my friends shows up – he had followed me. So I used all of my energy to send a burst to protect him, and I remember the monster first mocking me for not having enough power, then acting triumphant after I used it all. But I had just enough to live, and I let it hit me once and fell into the poisoned water, going limp and pretending to be dead (I can breathe underwater in dreams). I knew I wouldn’t die because the kind of burst I had sent out was a purifying burst or something, and I remember thinking I had to wait three days to make sure they really thought I was dead and then they would die.

After lying in the silt for a while, I swam in the golden sunlit water between buildings, seeing pipes and such as I swam, back to where my friends were waiting, in the beautiful, renewed world. They were all mad at me for letting them think I was dead, but very glad I was back. After that, I felt the morning sunlight coming and let myself wake up. It was a really cool dream, and I might make a short story out of it. I hope you enjoy reading!

Flying and Swimming

Name: Kc
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

I woke up in a park then I looked around suddenly I pinched myself and said am I dreaming and I realized I was. I jumped and started flying like superman then I got out of control and flew into a pool were I could breathe under water when I got out I couldn’t fly again then I went into a non lucid dream and woke up.

Sleeping in Your Dreams

I can’t remember how the dream started out but the first thing that I remember was my friend kept asking me to go to a hockey game. I remember being extremely tired and told him that I didn’t think I could make it but he kept insisting. I finally decided to say yes and so we jumped in the car and we were on our way.

I remember the story of my dream continued on but I kept coming in and out of consciousness. I was so tired in my dream that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was impossible to see anything and I kept stumbling and falling asleep. Every time I opened my I eyes the scenery had completely changed but the story of us going to the hockey game stayed the same.

We entered into a store to buy supplies and snacks and I thought that I should buy some coffee to try and wake up but before I knew it I fell asleep in my dream again. This time when I had woken up we were back at my house and I was asking my friend what happen. I never got an answer but I seemed to of had a feeling that we never made it to the hockey game.

He started talking how he found a hotel and some more tickets online and so once again we started on our journey to the game and I still could not keep my eyes open. I started questioning why I was so tired and couldn’t come up with any reason why I kept falling asleep. Right then my friend came out from the store and handed me an energy drink.

It was funny how the power of belief in an object completely changed the entire perspective of my dream. I had one sip of the energy drink and instantly everything became extremely clear. I was wide awake and the dream felt very surreal. This realness got my conscious mind to start thinking and I instantly realized that I am still asleep I am just in a dream.

This was probably the fifth time that I experienced a lucid dream and so I am still a beginner. I instantly knew that I wanted fly because I had still never got to experience it before. I looked up into the air and tried to jump but I didn’t go anywhere. I kept jumping but it felt like gravity was just holding me down. I knew this wasn’t possible as I was in a dream but for some reason my mind would not except that it was possible.

After a few moments I decided to close my eyes and just feel myself getting lighter as this was a tip I had previously read on a website. I could feel myself finally lifting up and when I opened my eyes again I saw that I was about 15 feet from the ground. I tried to go higher but my body just slowly went back down to the ground.

I tried this multiple times with no success. I became frustrated and decided that I wanted to try something else. I looked around me and I saw a beautiful girl walking by. I instantly ran up to her and without saying anything I started to kiss her. At first it was easy but then I started thinking that if I was wrong about this all being a dream then I would be making a fool of myself. So I decided to stop.

As of this point I wasn’t very happy with the scenery of my dream. It looked very dull and boring. I decided that I wanted to change it and so I closed my eyes and started to visualize that I was at the beach. I came close to making it to the beach but now I was in the middle of the ocean. I started swimming around really fast and was able to dive in and out of the water almost like a very fast dolphin.

It felt like I was flying but I was never able to lift higher into the air, only lift off on the surface of the ocean. Then I decided to dive as deep as I possibly could. I swam down to the bottom of the ocean and when I got there I could see a huge whale. It was crazy how real and vivid this creature looked.

I swam over to it and wanted to pet it but as soon as I reached the whale I had woke up and my lucid dream had ended.

– Antoine Viola
– 5 Lucid Dreams
-Arizona, US