The Nightmare I Escaped with Lucid Dreaming

This was my first lucid dream, and it happened last night. The dream started when my father and I were getting into our boat to take a boat ride. I realized that I was dreaming because the boat is in Lake Mead and it would make no sense we were using it in the ocean.

As we started the boat a police car went down a sort of mountain with it’s sirens trying to give us a ticket. My dad and I started going closer to shore to get the ticket, but before we were able to get the ticket, sharks started chasing us. It made absolutely no sense. That’s when I figured out it had to be a dream!

My dad somehow disappeared maybe because I didn’t want him in a tragic thing like this. So I started swimming to shore while the sharks were chasing after me. I gave my self an amazing speed of swimming powers. I got to shore and the police man was eaten by a gray brownish hairy being. I was scared out of my mind because it looked so horrific.

I punched the monster and gave myself a golden desert eagle pistol. I shot about 10 monsters before coming into someone’s backyard. Then I went to hide. I was being chased around this house as if it was like Scooby-Doo, but I was enjoying it. I was flying and I was running at the speed of 50 miles per hour. I went back outside spawning an army of Marines.

Out of nowhere Hitler was being surrounded by 1,000,000 monsters. The army and I fought it out and I kept spawning more weapons and more army soldiers. We found out Hitler was the leader of these monsters and killed him. The whole time I was using super speed, super strength, and flying. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go to sleep again.

Name: Robert
Where are you from?: California
Was this your first lucid Dream?: Yes
How many lucid dreams have you had?: 1

Drew Manley

Hello, my name is Drew and I am the founder of Lucid Dreaming Stories. I have been practicing lucid dreaming for over 10 years now. I can still remember my first experience awakening in my dream like it was yesterday. The excitement, thrill, and realism of dreams after this experience is unlike any other. My goal with this site is to share other's stories from around the world as well as my own. I also want to teach you how to become a lucid dreaming master. Download my free course Lucid Dreaming Self-Master to learn how you can master lucid dream within the next 7 days.

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Alexis - February 5, 2014

Omg that sounds awesome! Can’t wait till I try lucid dreaming!

benjamin - March 13, 2014

That was hilarious, bro that was probably such a good dream

Robert - August 14, 2014

So how long was it before you got your first lucid dream? (Im Robert too lol)

Anonymous - September 14, 2014


Miikka - November 8, 2014

I had same kind of dream few months ago. It wasn’t lucid dream though.
I was alone in beach fishing for some reason, but then I saw my friend on the road being eaten by pac-man. I ran away back into my hometown. Suddenly Hitler came behind me and asked what’s wrong. I told him about pac-man and we bought ice cream. I’m not sure what happened then, but some guy surprised us and shot Hitler. I was scared and woke up. Could it be connected to your dream somehow?

William Vigil - December 15, 2014

Hey 🙂 Thats A Very Good Lucid Dream I Liked The Part when you Said You Found out Hitler was the Master of Those Monsters 🙂 *Thumbs Up*


the cheesecow - January 10, 2015

that dream is f***ing awesome

Anonymous - January 11, 2015

Did you ever feel like u could get stuck in the dream?

Rodriguez - January 15, 2015

I had a similar dream the night before my first year as a freshman in high school.

Toni - January 25, 2015

While I was reading your story, it reminded me of “Total Recall” because of the adventure. Have fun in your dreams. It’s a wonderful discovery of what you’re capable of doing.

Ted Wilson - January 25, 2015

Good for you it is amazing of what you can visualize and create when your in that lucid dream

schwa - March 8, 2015

epic good job i know how hard it is to achieve a level 4-5 lucid dream on your first go

George Santos - April 17, 2015

wooow your dream must have been really cool, I’ve been thinking of lucid dreaming my self I’m just scared of doing it.

B.... - May 8, 2015

You should write I a book on wattpad or sumthing cause I just
Loved this mini story it was amazing and I would real more if u write more

Anonymous - June 10, 2015

I never heard of lucid dreaming before until one of my buddies started talking about it. I can’t wait to try it!

Julia - July 18, 2015

Wow, I would love to do that

Sarp Ali - August 9, 2015

It’ so dope. I can’t cope. XD

Erika Nicole Sumague - August 19, 2015

Woah! That sounds cool!

Anonymous - August 25, 2015


Lucas - December 26, 2015

Wow! That was interesting! In fact I found myself laughing throughout the entire story.

jack hake - March 20, 2016

what lucid technique did you use if so any and what does it feel like going right into lucidity

Janelis - May 3, 2016

All my dreams are lucid and the crazy thing I can’t forget them I remember all of them even ones I had before most of my dreams are with government conspiracy things chasing me crazy stuff. Last night I had a dream I was an a government building I knew it was it cuz I saw the eagle sign and the guys dressed in suits looking like FBI agents as I’m walking through the building so I could find the ppl I was trying to save so together we could expose them but as I got underground I found them but they where chasing us to kill us and I could see the guns and the guys running after me and the ppl I was with as I jumped from the second floor I could see more of them coming from the end of the hall when I finally manage to get in the jeep with the others we where planning how not to be seen and how to protect ourselves and love ones as I got away I saw a tv on and they where saying I was a bad person and I help bad ppl escape which was a lie all we wanted was to help others I saw myself hidden switching cars doing all this crazy things to stay alive I remember telling my mom that everything they said about me is not true if anything happens to me I have s folder with information that could tell ppl what’s really happening and why they want me dead and it ended right thrre

Ryan - May 23, 2016

dude you litterally had the dumbest but also the most badass dream ever. Your dream was litterallly directed by Michael bay and Quentin Terrentino

Jackson Quinn - October 19, 2016

This is some trippy stuff bro

Justin Hiss - December 8, 2016

Freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

I still haven’t had one yet….

Anonymous - December 13, 2016

Obviously this was not a dream and you made it up

Anonymous - June 15, 2017

I am not entirely sure but the monsters may be representations of the beastly, or animal side of you


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