The Tree

I have experienced plenty of lucid dreams before. They always are pretty basic, low leveled in lucidity. But this one was different than any other I have ever experienced.

The dream started off normal, as any other I have ever had before. I was falling. Everything was dark but I could feel wind brushing against my body. As I was falling, I slowly regained the ability to open my eyes without opening my physical body’s eyes. The sky was beautiful, a unique mixture of pinks and reds. I remember thinking that it had to be evening time.

Suddenly, I could see a beautiful house. It was two stories, white. The roof was a unique shade of dark blue. The windows had interesting black panes surrounding them. My body, well my dream body, smashed into the top window, and the scene changed. Instead of falling and flying as I usually am used to, I was standing by a tall tree. I recognize the tree as the one I see everyday, across the pond from my home. I look around and it is my property. 20 acres of trees and grass land, but no fences could be seen nor home. I was intrigued as I never had the ability to walk or feel the ground in my lucid dreams.

So, I took a step and the gravity in this place weighed heavily on my back, my body, so heavily that I felt like I was fighting my way through a current. But the feel of the soft grass and the dirt was all I could truly think about. It was marvelous. Then, I spied a brightly colored note on the tree out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, but by then, I had jolted myself out of the dream.

It was beautiful.

– Julia Wynn

– Oklahoma, Us

– 10 – 15 Lucid Dreams

Drew Manley

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