The Truth About Lucid Dreams and How They Can And Will Impact Society In this New Age

A few years ago I found this book by Carlos Castaneda called Journey to Ixtlan. I read the book because I had just gotten into spirituality.

In the book Don Juan tells Carlos to watch his hands for 20 minutes each night and say out loud “When I see my hands I will know I’m dreaming.”

He goes on to say that after about two weeks you will be able to induce lucid dreaming, which, I found interesting after I just recently starting reading another book that also stated the co author took two weeks to induce lucid dreaming.

At exactly two weeks of the practice I had a lucid dream, then another, until I had six in a row each and every day.

On the 6th dream the most profound thing in the world happened to me.

Inside the dream, the Universe, God, all that is, tells me I’m dreaming in the way the Universe speaks to me in dreams, which is in, not words, but understanding… this is a very odd form of communication or was for me at the time for it is ABOVE words and TRANDSCENDS words showing words to be linear and very limited, however, to speak to everyone else it comes out in linear words when in my dream it was loaded as simply, understanding in large chunks of information with no words.

I will continue to speak of this communication between me and the divine as “he said” even though speaking was not part of what happened so much.

So God says, “you’re dreaming.”

I’m like, WHOO HOO!!! Another Lucid Dream!!! I take off into the air and begin to fly around all over the place thrilled out of my mind like I usually am, and am also shooting three different beams out of my right hand and three different beams out of my left hand.

I fly up into a tree, stand there for a minute, and God speaks to me.

God, in understanding, not words, allows me to know

“Yeah, that’s cool and everything…. but check this out….”

That instant God loaded in my mind massive understanding which I will now decontaminate to you in my understanding using words. It happens with God NON LINEAR all at once. Where is reading is linear, a line, one word after another.

So God says, “That’s cool and everything, but check this out, put your hand out, make a book on Spanish appear in your head. Now slam the book into your head and you will instantly load Spanish and know Spanish when you wake up.”

I was floored to the ground…. here I was flying around in my dream like a dumb ass and God shows me EXTREMELY PRACTICAL USES FOR LUCID DREAMING.

God goes on to tell me “What, did you actually think there is a feature humans design in laptops that is more advanced than the Quantum Computers of your mind? Do you actually think you can take a book in .pdf format, put it on a thumbdrive, load it into a computer, but this isn’t something within the realms of possibility for humans?”

In a joking way I felt stupid, God did joke about it with me a little, like, REALLY? Not putting me down way but, joking like, guess what buddy, there is MUCH MORE TO THE REALMS OF POSSIBILITY IN YOUR MIND THAN ANYONE ON EARTH CURRENTLY KNOWS.

Since that time I have learned a MASSIVE amount of information of which I am currently putting into a book.

Most importantly I have learned a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION on how to stabilize the construct of a lucid dream and why it takes two weeks before the intention takes effect.

I would love to share this information with anyone willing to listen. I just found this website from the book Lucid Dreaming Plain & Simple, of which I’m currently on page 14.

I’m going to get back to the book now.

Infinite Blessings,

Charlie Traphagan (add me on Facebook)

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Name: Charlie Traphagan
Where are you from?: Dallas, TX
Was this your first lucid Dream?: No
How many lucid dreams have you had?: About 6 or so.

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