Time Travel

Name: veronica
Where are you from?: indio california
Was this your first lucid Dream?: no
How many lucid dreams have you had?: many over the years

I think I was dreaming subconsciously and then I thought I woke up because I was laying on the couch. Everyone is awake and around me laughing about things and I say some stupid joke about how it’s someone elses turn to wash dishes. Then I look at the clock and its time indicates that it’s evening time but I just woke up so it should be morning. So that triggers me to believe I’ve had a false awakening. So I look at another clock that we have and again it’s a different time so now, feeling some what of a confirmation with the second clock, I immediately walk outside the front door and my boyfriend yells where are you going? But I know he’s not real. So I don’t listen.

Outside the scenery is different, I notice my apartment complex has turned into a village like swamp. I run through and see a guy my age playing what looked like frisbee. I ask him if he’d like to show me around, he says yes. So we walk through and he takes me to a village party. I see a lot of my family and for some reason I start losing my vision and I scream out loud and hit my face and say. I’m dreaming!! And I want to keep dreaming until I’m through with my dream! I’m having a high level of lucidity! I keep saying it and I gain my awareness back and I walk into the room and say hello to all my family.

For some reason I look at each face wondering if one has a meaning to it like symbolism. But nothing catches my eyes I look for someone that’s dead in my family and none is there. So I run through a hall and I say “is anyone there”? Please I need to know why I’m here. Who needs me? And I open a door and it’s my cousin and she says oww you hit me with the door. I say oh I’m sorry. Are you okay? She says yes. And I told her that I believe she’s in my dream for some reason and she just looks confused and the whole scene changes and everyone is gone and it’s night time.

I sit on a log and think to myself that I can do anything I want and that this dream has been too boring. I sway my hand in the air and ghost like fog moves with my hand. And then I have an idea, one I got from this site. I scream in the air really loud “I want to time travel right now!” Take me to another time of my life!” And the log I’m sitting on begins to spin and spin and it lifts in the air and flies fast, everything is black maybe my eyes are shut and everything calms down and I’m about to open my eyes to see where it took me when my boyfriend wakes me up and says to me I over slept by 3 hours.

I was so mad that he woke me up but I hope to continue my dream tonight. Please post my story. The last one wasn’t posted. I always come on this site. Its really helpful thank you so much! Ill post another really soon to let you know where in my life it took me to. Bye for now guys!

Lucid Dreaming Stories: Great story and thanks for the kind words Veronica. Your previous story was posted a few days ago: Reality Checks – We look forward to hearing more stories.

Drew Manley

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