Two Lucid Dreams in 1 Night – An Action Adventure and a Sexual Encounter

This is a pretty awesome lucid dreaming story who says their name is A.D. from Kansas. He has had 3 lucid dreams in the past and so although still new to lucid dreaming, he is very well on his way to becoming a master of his dreams.

A.D., I noticed you said you had an absolutely depressing day and you were thinking about how much you love your friend. I wonder if these high emotions before going to bed contributed to you becoming lucid?

Also too, I am really glad you explained how amazing your sexual experience was. Most people don’t realize that the sensations you feel in your lucid dreams can sometimes be more intense than what you would feel in real life. This story was inspirational. Thanks again.

Anyways, here is there dream. I hope that you all enjoy it.

Subject: Two in one night. One action adventure. And one sexual encounter.

So I had just had a absolute depressing day. I was just going to bed and I thought about how in love I was with my friend. How absolutely beautiful she was. I then thought about how she kinda looks just like tracer from Overwatch. Then I fell asleep. At first I was on a large cargo ship. I was wearing full combat gear. I was in a small group of people. At this point I did not know I was dreaming. Then a few men with guns climbed over the side rails and started shooting people. I realized at this point that I might be dreaming. I looked down and told myself that I had a gun in my shoe. Just as I had said it to myself it appeared. I laughed. Now knowing for sure I was dreaming.

I grabbed the pistol and gunned down the assailants. I then flew off the boat onto the mainland. I imagined a boss I had to fight. Then he appeared. But I slowly started to think about what else I could do with the dream. Suddenly the boss and all my gear disappeared. I had lost my lucidity.

I was then sitting in my living room. And a whole lot of random women from popular games and TV shows were partying. I had no idea it was a dream. Then I remember walking into my room and laying down on my bed only to find that tracer from Overwatch was in it. I still had no idea it was a dream and apparently I had been in a relationship with her. Then I looked at my hand I had rested on her cheek. It was blurry. I realized I was dreaming.

So I looked down away from her face. She was then completely naked. She smiled and realized what I wanted. She rolled over and propped herself up on her forearms. I then willed myself out of my clothes and I pressed myself to her entrance. I went to slide in but I slipped upwards and probed her but I said fuck it. So I rammed in anyway. It felt amazing. Like I couldn’t even fathom. Then I really started giving it to her. It was so Intense that we fell off the bed and kept going. I finished and knowing it was a dream I told her “Emily, I’m good to keep going.” And suddenly she was the best friend I was in love with. We had three more rounds before I was so overwhelmed with sensation that I closed my eyes and fell backwards.

I then woke at the exact moment I hit the bed in the dream. I am posting this the literal afternoon after this.

Drew Manley

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