I Killed Zombies With Lighting Bolts In My Lucid Dream

My lucid dream started out with me sitting with my friends in my house and then a zombie came and took 2 of my friends. The rest of us scattered. We went through a corridor and ended up in a armory.

We all took some weapons and went after those zombies. There was about 43 people in the group. I yelled squad 7 form up and no one came so I yelled it again. My friend Hunter came with Riley and Adam and some other kid and we got ready to kill the zombies.

I walked up the stairs and saw a girl so I started making out with her. By the time I turned around my squad was gone. I went looking for them only to be trapped in my room. I killed two with my machine gun but then I ran out of bullets. Then I fell to the ground and I had one pistol so I killed a zombie but then I was screwed.

It was at this point I realized I was dreaming. I shot lightning out of my hands and killed him them but then I got too excited and woke up. All my lucid dreams usually end this way so I need to practice staying calm more and maybe that will help.

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Name: anonymous
Where are you from?: USA
Was this your first lucid Dream?: no
How many lucid dreams have you had?: Don’t Know

Drew Manley

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Jamal - October 27, 2013

You woke and realized, u had the power to kill the zombies with or without help.

anthony - November 2, 2013

When u start doing things like shooting lightning out of your hands try really hard to stay calm. That way you can kill more zombies and not wake up.


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